Marvel’s new dramas Falcon and Winter Soldier, Wanda Vision and Rocky

Marvel’s new dramas “Falcon and Winter Soldier”, “Wanda Vision” and “Rocky”
Sauna Night News February 3, the Disney + Marvel episode released the first Super Bowl promotional trailer.”Falcon and Winter Soldier”, “Wanda Vision” and “Rocky” all appear in the trailer.Falcon took over as Captain America and partnered with the Winter Soldier.Wanda and Vision had a pair of twins, which seemed to be “a typical American family life”, but sometimes weird, as if all this were Wanda’s fantasy.Rocky, the “fraud god” who escaped from the New York Wars, traveled through multiple universes and spaces, preparing to continue brewing tricks, “I want to burn this place to the ground.””Falcon and Winter Soldier” starring Anthony McKay, Sebastian Stan, Daniel Brewer, and Emily Wankap, went live on Disney + in August.”Wanda Vision” starred by Elizabeth Olsen, Paul Bettany, Kate Dalyns, and landed at Disney + this year.”Rocky” starring Tom Hiddleston, Irving Wilson, and landing on Disney + in 2021.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofread Wang Xin