Corps 3-6- 11-year-old group of new crown vaccine inoculation start

The reporter learned from the Corps Health and Health Committee that the Corps has been deployed by the city to start the 3-year-old group of new crown vaccination work.According to the unified deployment, the teachers and cities will implement the responsibility of the land, scientifically formulate the vaccination implementation plan, accurately arrange the inoculation plan; strengthen the risk management control of each vaccination point, strictly implement the "scan code + temperature measurement + wearing mask" and other measures, do a good jobRegional entry and exit management; strict specifications to perform a vaccination process, strengthen new crown vaccine cold chain operation and access library management; strict implementation of medical institutions to ensure that the emergence of burst can be placed in time.It is understood that the education department of the Corps will communicate with the health and health department to communicate in various primary schools and kindergarten institutions, advocacy, adhere to the informedity, agree, voluntary principles, and steadily advance the 3-year-old and 11-year-old unspecified people.catch.