Fang Yu appeared!

“who are you?How did you find here……”
Middle-aged man frowns,He did everything secretly。No one can find it here……Why,Will still be discovered?
“It doesn’t matter who i am……But the money,I’m afraid there is no chance to use it!”Fang Yu Leng Leng。
“Humph!court death!”
The middle-aged directly threw a poisonous fog bag over。
Fang Yu quickly avoided!
The middle-aged man hurried away with his apprentice!
Want to catch him,impossible!
Fang Yu also knew that it was impossible to catch the middle-aged man right away。
but,Fu Lu can track them!
“Doctor Fang,Are they gone?”
The bodyguard saw Fang Yu walk out disappointedly,Asked。
“Yes……They are poisonous after all。It’s not easy for me to deal with them……I have to go back first。but,They were deterred by me,As long as I wait and draw the portrait。
Let law enforcers want them,They naturally have nowhere to hide!”
Fang Yu pondered,Slightly changed eyes。This time,After all, it was careless!
“it is good,The doctor will send you back!”
They said。
Fang Yu nodded,No longer hypocritical。