The height is hard to change, but the fat is not imagined.

The height is hard to change, but the fat is not imagined.

Yesterday, I took a day off and watched TV for a day. I saw the “We Dating” of Hunan Satellite TV at 12 o’clock in the evening.

There are five boys, four of whom are relatively strong, one is relatively thin, and the eighteen princesses do not like the thin one.

  After watching it for more than an hour, I understood that the girl now likes to be strong, and then look at me, one meter six or eight, weighing 54 kilograms.

Really thin, then think about how many times I have met each other for four years, and I have seen it. I don’t even talk about it when I am thin.

This year’s time, I didn’t see it, but she looked at my space photo.!

  I don’t want to say more about sad things. Some women are not looking for men. They are looking for men who can move marble. Although I look a little thinner, I am healthy, so I have to decide to increase my weight by ten pounds.Those who are not thinking in a line can sleep more at night and think about it.

  Adult height is difficult to change, but fattening is very likely. Think of it, immediately search the phone for half a minute and set a fattening plan.

  Three years ago, there was no serious action on the idea of fattening. I also bought a spirulina capsule that nourishes the stomach, but only bought one bottle.

Not much to buy, it is really expensive, I also bought kidney treasure, but also bought two bottles, making money is not easy, afraid not much use, I have not bought.

  Online search, there are five major reasons for weight loss, two of which are suitable for me!

The first digestive problem, this may be, I have had a stomach problem.

Second, nutrition plus eating habits!

It may be that I am working on a night shift, eating is not a fixed meal, and the food intake is not very good. There is no way. Now I still do my job well and start a business later.

I once thought about doing a favorite business, but also went through the market to understand, but that is nothing to find things to do, no Ben, come to Dongguan for four or five years, in my memory, did not buy ten times the fruit to eat, did not do it yourselfEat food, the company eats.