Changsha 4 workers’ cultural palace synchronized start upgrade

Report (Reporter Wang Xinfang Dawei) Recently, I learned that Changsha City, Hunan Province, the Workman Cultural Palace should be rebuilt, and the 50-year-old staff Zhou Kaijun was excited for a long time.

I mentioned the lively scene of the city worker culture, he has remembered. It is reported that the Changsha Municipal Federation of Trade Unions proposed to upgrade the city’s four workers’ cultural panels, and won the Changsha Municipal Committee and the Hunan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. Recently, the construction of four workers’ cultural uterus projects in the city started construction, and these former cultural landmarks will meet employees in a new look.

"Changsha Workers ‘Culture Palace has become a beautiful memory of several generations of Changsha City." The secretary of the party group of Hunan Province, Xu Wenlong, a vice chairman, said in the Changsha Workers’ Cultural Palace.

In recent years, the urban has rapidly developed, and the casual way of staff is gradually diversified.

Changsha City, this time, the transformation and upgrading of the four workers’ cultural palace will aim at various needs of employees, realize equalization layout, misplaced development, complement function, quality service.

Among them, the construction of the city workers’ cultural palace was newly established, which will focus on employee cultural activities; after the upgrading of the second worker cultural palace, it will focus on employee skills training; the third worker cultural palace of the demolished city will be with the city’s fourth The Workers ‘Cultural Palace welcomes new construction in different places, and the third worker cultural palace focuses on large-scale income activities of employees, and the fourth workers’ cultural palace focuses on employee sports. As one of Changsha City "Ten Mass Missing Missing Projects", the construction of 4 workers’ cultural uterus projects in Changsha City is large, high, excellent design, and functionality.

It is reported that the project has been funded by Changsha City, with a total investment scale of 1.2 billion yuan, and the construction scale exceeds 160,000 square meters.

After the completion, it will cover the functional education center, staff sports center, staff cultural center, and employee service centers, and become a functional diverse, convenient public cultural service facilities.