A anti-US aid to the old warrior in Changjin Lake

The end of the end, the lights lit up in an instant. In the big city, only an old man stands straight.

"The great anti-US aid" is a long time! "" The great Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs will always lose! " In the 2021 National Day, the film "Changjin Lake" is hot in the country. In the case of the top of the film, a cinema of Chengdu is a 88-year-old anti-American aid veterans Li Huawu alone "package". When I was moving on October 12, the old man deliberately worked for many years that did not worn.

In 70 years, the veteran Li Huavu met in a movie and his own battle youth.

The movie "Changjin Lake" seems to be a time and space tunnel, so that the veteran returns to the unusual cold winter, touched the hot blood of the ice and snow years.

Shortly a film started, the train to the border made the elderly into memories. For most people in the present, the first time I arrived at the age of 18, it is likely to be on the way to the university campus.

For the 1951 Li Huifu, 18 years old, as the second batch of volunteer warriors in the DPRK, I went to the battle front line of the Baoguo. Departing from the hometown Sichuan Guangyuan, Li Huawu and his comrades first took a car to Baoji, and then took two or three days from Baoji for two or three days to northeast.

Like "Wu Wanli" in the movie, sitting in a stuffy truck, Lihuawu, who has just entered, can not imagine the cruelty of the distant battlefield, just like he has never anticipated his future brave and fearless. "I am the Chinese People’s Volunteers 12 Army 35th Teacher 105 Group 3 Camp 7 even 4 row 60 gun class warrior, Li Huiwu!" When the film in the film reported his partner, the veteran before the screen did not follow Have a number of troops and names.

With this, Li Huadu passed the body of the duck.

The same is the same as Changjin Lake, in 1951, winter is still cold, still difficult, still long.

In the snow-covered mountain, the roar of the enemy planes became the haze pressed in the top of the volunteer army. In concealment, it is a common memory of all volunteer warriors. Days, Lihua Wu and his comrades rest. They paved a piece of oil on the snow, just enough for two people lying together.

In the evening, they took a high snow and snow. If it is not a tenacious battle, the volunteers will be difficult to resist the cold of zero three or 40 degrees Celsius only.

Li Huawu first put into battle and was an evening in November 1951. The fierce gun sounded, and there were still some nervous, he didn’t think more. "Only the enemy will drive, the motherland will be peaceful.

"After more than 4 hours of fighting, Li Huiwu and his comrades defeated the enemy many offensive, and they were dead. They went to the position. For the veteran veteran veteran veteran, the brutal no movie of the war.

In a certain stop battle in a year, Li Huawu lost his right eye and hands.

The charge number sounded, Li Huawu took nearly 20 pounds of gun racks to walk in the intensive fire network.

Suddenly, the sharp whistling came from the ear, and his hands closed down. In the dull explosion, the shell blows in front of him. Li Huawu’s eyes are dark, and they have been dull … Wake up after 3 days. The health worker told him, "Most of the comrades who charge you with you are sacrificed. Your life is the team comrades and medical staff from the death of the death." In Heilongjiang treatment, the medical staff tells him to Paul Ke Ke. The story of the gold, reading "how steel is refined" over and over again.

"In order to live for the comrades of the sacrifice", Li Huilu began to practice and dinner using broken arm, dress, and learn literacy with the left eye.

The battlefield is the steel warrior, the battlefield, Lihua Wu still maintained the will of steel. "With beliefs and beliefs, don’t say that you lose your hands and your eyes, you can overcome again.

"After returning home, he opened his life after his war.

This time I went to Chengdu, and the veteran Lihua Wu has also completed a wish.

Because of "Changjin Lake", he met again with the previous comrades. After reading the movie, the veteran Lihua came to the Sichuan Provincial Revolutionary Disabled Military Restaurant (Rong Jun ").

There, he saw the 87-year-old old comrades. I have been in the last time, I have passed 58 years.

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, Zhou Qi brother ambushed three days and three nights in the snow, because of the severe frostbite, it was cut off the limbs. After returning to China, the two old people in Lihuawu and Zhou Zhou have studied the residual arm in the Rong Junyuan. "Wrap the cloth on the rest of the half, put the spoon into the cloth strip.

Sometimes I can’t get it, I will get the spoon, what should I do? Pick up and continue to eat … Letter of writing … "Li Huiwu, the old man can not only live self-care, but also get rid of illiteracy, can read the newspaper." Decision, not afraid of sacrifice, exclude the battle to fight for victory " Spirit, I have been incentive to him.

In May 1957, the Rongjun Institute established the Sichuan Provincial Revolutionary Disabled Military Breaking Team.

Li Huawu and the comrades of the five upper limbs were hard to practice for more than a month, and learned to blow the piano. "Volunteer War" "My Motherland" "I am a soldier" … With a sincere heart, they play these songs, and the exciting songs have passed to Beijing.

"The performance is completed, Premier Zhou is going to work with us ‘handshake’! In fact, we have nothing to do, the Prime Minister is so concerned, love us, especially touched!" Li Huawu said, standing around Zhou, feeling A huge happiness. I met this time, Li Huawu and Zhou Qi’s old man recalled a lot of past days.

"I can’t shake hands, let’s take the elbow." In this way, the two completed a special hug.

"There is a row of a surname in the movie, and we have a long surname, and he takes care of me. But I still don’t know if he sacrifices in the Korean battlefield …" According to the theater staff, When watching, Lihua Wu’s old man is silent.

The battlefield returns to the nearly 70 years, the veteran Lihuawu is using his own eyes, and the comrades who sacrifice look at the new China step by step to prosperity, powerful, and go to the future.

"We finished the battle, our consecutive generations don’t have to be hit.

"Look at the young face of" Changjin Lake ", Li Huawu old people are gratifying," China’s young people don’t forget history, do not bear the former people, still being full of hope and belief appearance.

"A netizen said:" Many people have not yet walking after the film, thinking that there will be ‘egg’, but I haven’t waited for a long time, I have to leave. Going out of the cinema, see the outer high-rise forest, the car horson, the flow of people, the lively, I want to come, this is the best ‘egg’.

"After a hard battle, the veteran Li Huawu also felt this kind of happiness.

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