Qin Feng looked at the old housekeeper,Walk slowly in front of him,Moved a finger,There is a cold wind around,Non-stop flow,Qin Feng raised his eyebrows curiously,I think this competition is really interesting。

The old butler didn’t say anything,Against Qin Feng, he began to prepare for an offensive,Qin Feng stood motionless and carefully watched the old housekeeper’s technique and the rotation of the breath around him。
At first Qin Feng saw the aura next to the old housekeeper,I thought he was a man of internal strength,Qin Feng was still a little shocked,But Qin Feng looked at it carefully for a while,I found that the breath is not like internal power。
The breath of the old housekeeper,It seems to be just normal air flow,To put it simply is the wind,And if it is internal,It must be a little bit
A little muddy breath。
Looks a little hazy,There is also some mysterious feeling,More like a cloud of mist。
This strange wind made Qin Feng want to take a good look at what tricks the old butler did.?
The old butler moved his fingers a few times,After that, he made steady progress,The hand drew a few arcs in the air,Qin Feng has a look,“Yo ha,Isn’t this a special posture for Tai Chi??”
After looking at the actions of the old butler,Qin Feng knew that this old housekeeper combined the ninjutsu of the Sakura Country with our traditional martial arts Tai Chi,There are still two brushes。
After a few breaths, the old butler suddenly opened his eyes that he had just closed,She slapped Qin Feng。
Qin Feng watched the old housekeeper’s palm hit forward,With a fierce wind,He is not afraid,Even curious and interested。Qin Feng directly raised his right palm,I also hit the palm of the old housekeeper。
So the palms of the two people face each other in the air,But they didn’t touch their palms directly,There is still a distance in between。
But both of them have already worked hard,Especially the old housekeeper,I saw the palm of the old housekeeper,The blue veins have already emerged。
It seems that I have exhausted my strength, but I can’t beat it no matter what,It seems like something is blocking Qin Feng’s hand。
The old housekeeper was surprised,He thought that Qin Feng also learned Tai Chi like him to have this aura,And it seems to be above him,He couldn’t help being shocked。