“exactly,I have some research on medicine.,Maybe help you,Mr. Walter wants to consider……”

The gravity of Walter began to aggravate,Outo retired some。
“enough,Oto!”Walt closed his eyes:“Stop these boring tests,If you want to know if I can still use the power of the law,I will show you now.。”
“Um……”Otto shakes his head,“Mr. Walter, you misunderstood,In front of the threat of the second law,We should pass the enemy as a friend.。”
Ali Stein knocked on the table,Open a virtual screen。
“Don’t waste time,Church,Let us start the meeting。”
Otto looked at Alinstan,Turning to Hanjiang,Stay more in him for a few seconds。
This look,Hanjiang is a little hair。
Cautious and suspicious http://www.songhuaer.cn inuto,He will not be like Xilin,Because of your own presence, some moths came?
“Is this a new generation of talents inverse entropy??”Outo does not look at the information on the screen,Instead, watching Hanjiang,Admire:“This is not a simple person.,Anime,Retrogractive entropy has one hand for cultivating talents.。”
Walter does not pick up,Han Jiang also does not pay attention to Otto。
Ai Minstan looks at the screen:“Mr. Bishop should know,We reverse entropy found the remains left by the last civilized era in North America.。”
“In that remains,We know that the collapse can not disappear.,but,Also writing something。”
“I used to have a scientist,Find a technique for sealing cracking。”
“Unfortunately,We look around the ruins,Didn’t find any information about this technology。”
Ai Minstan is paused,View Otto。
http://www.sxshengshi.cn “Subsequent,We are in the city found on the moon,I found that I was seal.,This proves this technology,Really exist。”
Outo heart smile,The two parties have produced a lot of contradictions due to the urban in the back of the moon.。
“If you can restore this technology,Human can completely seal the collapse,such a pity……”
Otto sang a red wine glass,“Unfortunately,According to what we know,In all remains of life discovery,There is no record of this technology。”
Ai Yestein control virtual screen,Plight:“Because of this technology,Not on the earth,But in the moon!”
“We analyzed the meteorite dropped from the moon.,The surface is rock,The internal is consisting of soul steel。”
“These soul steels include a special code,Just the meteorite in the falling earth,Most of them have been burned when passing through the atmosphere.。”
“If we can collect enough samples,By reverse engineering,Get a technique of sealing cracking。”
Han Jiang listened to the story of Alistan,I don’t think of her in my heart.。
To say that thoroughly sealing crash,Han Jiang dares to guarantee the backup of this technology in the void of Outo.。
Just Otto does not seal the crackle,He has its own ideas and intended。
Under the premise of mastering the collapse,Otto even promotes the development of collapse,What is it completely crashing?,Otto is not concerned,Even will damage。
“So I am going to go to a moon。”
“I need you to borrow me alone.,When I attract the second law,He collects soul steel samples in secret。”
“Ha ha。”Outo smiles very brilliant,“It’s a fun plan.。”
“However, this plan is not too risky.,After all, that technology,There is only a legendary。”
“Let you face the second law and my people,It is not proven technology to collect,this……”
Chapter 431 The money of the dead house is so good(Two in one)
Walter directly said:“I know that you have a little interest in the seal.。”
“Your goal,Is the power of the law,The second law is not coming out of the moon.,I think you should have a headache.?”
“When you have finished listening to the details of my plan,You will know,This is a trading that is very http://www.njllm.cnbeneficial to you.。”
Otto stood a little in place.,Then nodded。
Walter took a step forward,I don’t know what to say in Otto Er.。