Taiyuan’s old university Sanjin Society is divided into the Nuanfang Community

  Original title: Elderly University Division "Falling households" Nanguanfang Community September 28 Yingze District Civil Affairs Bureau news, recently, the city’s Sanjin Community is divided into the Nuanfang Community in Nan.

It is reported that "the old universities at home" is very popular, and more than 180 students have been enrolled. From the preliminary docking, carefully prepared for the start of the class, from the teacher team to the venue, after nearly one year, "the old university at home" officially started in the Nanguanfang Community Endowment Service Center. The school has the purpose of "growing knowledge, enriching life, cultivation", opening national dance, Xinjiang dance, Taijiquan, vocal music, reading, tea art, etc., the students can choose from the elderly, and the students can choose according to their own needs. "I didn’t expect that I was more than sixty years old. I actually be a ‘university’ at home. It is so good.

"Community residents Wu said happily:" Usually I am free at home, not watching the phone is watching TV, the body is not good.

Now, I have been studying three or four times a week, each time two hours, sometimes come to participate in various activities, is really a kind of enjoyment.

"" In the community, I have an old-age university, which not only lets the elderly learn, but the music is coming, but also let them come out, move it.

This not only enriches the amateur life of the elderly, but also makes the elderly have a healthy and positive attitude, but also promotes harmony in the neighborhood. According to Zheng Gang, member of the Party Group of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Yingze District, the community is a specific initiative to promote the integration of the elderly education into the community pension system. It belongs to the first batch of urban community pension and happiness projects in the province. It is very good to achieve the old learning, the old man. Duan Liping, secretary of the party branch of the Nuanguanfang Community, said: "The old university at home" meets the demand for the elderly, and has opened the elderly teaching service. ‘The last km’, providing a strong guarantee for cultural life in the elderly, and further enhances the level of community pension. "(Reporter Wang Yong correspondent Li Xiaucing Xu Lingxue).