Train a woman’s favorite inverted triangle men’s fitness 7 advice

Train a woman’s favorite “inverted triangle” men’s fitness 7 advice

Train a woman’s favorite “inverted triangle” men’s fitness 7 loyalty to tell the woman who loves the body of the man?




It’s not too late to start fitness now. Listen to Xiaobian’s seven-point advice and maybe help you on the fitness road.

1. Under normal circumstances, people who take part in fitness training for the first time will be very excited.

Especially when exercising the effect.

This is a reasonable incentive for you to participate in exercise more.

However, some people can’t wait to spend a lot of exercise as soon as they enter the gym, ignoring the warm-up before the exercise.

And excessive training often makes you exhausted and affects normal life and work.

This, Richard Coton, a judge of the American Training Board, pointed out that fitness is a long-term project, don’t think of becoming a bodybuilder in one day.

2. After waking up and training in the morning, it is two important timetables for your meal.

While training hard, you need to increase your needs. If you don’t have enough in the morning, you will feel suffocated in the later training.

Dr. Jacques Berne, an assistant professor at Colorado State University, said that mornings should contain small amounts of free radicals and some proteins.

Chicken protein is a good choice.

In addition, low-fat yogurt, milk and cereals are also good choices.

After training, you should eat immediately, because your body needs to replenish the energy it consumes.

Eating should include carbohydrates, protein, water, etc., and of course delicious snacks.

3, multi-training is good for you, it can make your body function develop in a balanced manner.

Although aerobic exercise is good for enhancing endurance and cardiovascular system, it has little effect on growth strength and strong body. Only by combining aerobic exercise and strength training can we improve physical fitness comprehensively.

4, do some exercise before training, but warm up before before.

First, do a 10-minute low-intensity scooter training.

This not only reduces injuries, but also increases body temperature before doing high-intensity exercise.

When the body tissue warms, you can do another 5 to 10 minutes of contraction, especially to squeeze out the muscle groups and body parts that may be used.

5, recovery is equally important for training.

During exercise, the necessary pauses cannot be ignored, because the body itself needs to have a full rest period to restore the state.

As a beginner, don’t do more than 4 major exercises in a week.

On the same training day, the same muscle tissue should not be trained many times. If there is pain in the previous exercise, don’t be awkward in the training.

In addition, comprehensive nutrition maintenance is a must, 5 or 6 times a day is a good choice.

Finally, you need to stay at least 8 hours of sleep, because enough sleep time can make your energy and body recover.

6, do not do the same exercise repeatedly.

Sports experts tell us that your body will change only when you force it. In addition, the more you exercise, the change can be.

And if you repeat the same exercise program in the cut, your body can only exercise a certain part, but some other parts and muscle groups can not get enough exercise.

This way, your body will be difficult to maintain balance and your physical condition will not be optimal.

Therefore, fitness experts recommend that exercisers should choose a variety of training, and often change, so that all parts can be exercised.

7, women like strong men.

Psychologists believe that men with strength are considered to be sexy, and those who exercise regularly even feel good about themselves and are also very attractive to the opposite sex.

This is why many women like men who are alive and kicking on the sports field.This feeling of self-confidence is very helpful for adhering to fitness training, it will make men fighting high and have a sense of accomplishment.

Women are pleasing to others, why are men not?