Peach blossoms open Chengdu Qingbaijiang people and towns waiting for you to punch

  March 18th, 2019 Sichuan Flower (Fruit) Ecotourism Festival Savings 2nd Nectarian Flower (Fruit) Festival and Township Tenth Cherry Picking Festival opened in Chengdu Qingbaijiang and township, the event will last until the end of June . During the oil peach flower (fruit), people and towns will also hold "Spring Breeze Terris Charms and" Art Writing Life, "Spring Breeze Tri · Happiness Wheel" Slow Ride, "Spring Breeze Terris, Takers and" Photography Activities, " The spring breeze is not as good as the "Peach Blossom Poetry and other online activities. The peach blossoms in the mountains are fighting, not only around the surrounding tourists, and it has become a preference for the prevention of teachers and students in the premiere.

At the opening ceremony of the flower fruit, Sichuan Normal University The Social Practice Base is officially listed in people and towns.

  According to reports, people and towns are located in the north of the forest park in Longquan City, Chengdu. The cherry planting area has more than a thousand mu. The nested area of ??nested is more than 10,000 mu, Sanyuan Village and Dongfeng Village have formed a ginseng peach base, planting oil peaches. Sanshu, three beds late, have been continuously carried out in a row of nine cherry picking festivals.

  There are also Sichuan mountain bike training bases, providing parking, camping, catering, riding, picking, etc., and tourists can taste the special farmhouse.

In terms of route, Chengdu tourists can arrive in NAV – Chengdu two – people and exports – Guihong Road arrived, can also pass the Chengnan Expressway – Qingquan Exit – the Qing people arrived, and the journey is about 40 minutes.

(Li Jie).