China-Japan jointly released a new generation of electric vehicle charging technology standards

People’s Network Beijing June 22 (Reporter Hu Yuge) June 19 Safety, charging power, structural design, forward compatibility, and future applications.

At present, the real-heart test results show that the technology has a wide range of application prospects, while covering the mainstream passenger cars, special needs of heavy-duty vehicles are met. The "Electric Vehicle Chaoji Communication Technique White Paper" system has been published in the research background and status quo of new generation of charging technology, focusing on the new generation of Chaoji charging systems, communication protocols and connection component technical programs, and proposing technical standards and Industry Planning. Sino-Japanese and Japanese experts believe that the release of white paper provides a complete and fast, safe compatible, low-cost charging system solution, which will force Chaoji charging technology to accelerate maturity and internationalization, reduce electric vehicles R & D and manufacturing cost, and expand the popularity Improve user convenience. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Ming, Professor Tsinghua University, said Chaoji charging technology will play an active role in solving electric vehicle charging safety and durability. In March 2016, the State Grid Corporation will develop the pre-research work of my country’s high-power charging technology.

International Conference on the First New Charging Interface Project in July 2019 officially named "Chaoji" proposed in China, gaining the extensive recognition of experts, Europe, Japanese and regional experts. Japan is based on the same technology route, and the new generation of charging standards are synchronized.

The revision of the two Chinese national standards for electric vehicle conduction charging system started at the same time.

China-Japan-related government departments and industry representatives said it will further deepen pragmatic cooperation, and work together to create a good industrial ecological environment for Chaoji charging technology, promote charging technology upgrade and standard internationalization, and jointly promote Chaoji charging technology to become global compatibility. General standards .

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