Nine uncle persuaded Liao Wenjie on the street,On the one hand, it is worried that the livestock in the family is scourked.,If necessary, even the blood can’t be found.。on the other hand,Let’s choose the oceanian,The provincial city is very popular,He didn’t drink foreign tea,Worry。

Bring Liao Wenjie is different.,After all, it is a rich family who stayed.,Will also speak,Definitely don’t drink foreign tea。
Market,Nine uncle introduces a known meat shop,Cooked by each other,Liao Wenjie directly refused,Slip it on the street。
The people of the monograph should be far away from the secular,Broken Red Dust Atlantic Can Neutrally,Even if I went to the WTO。
But Liao Wenjie feels that the world is very good.,Especially the market in Renjiazhuang,There is no modern urban hustle and bustle,He looks fresh,The more you feel, the more you feel。
Nine Uncle followed Liao Wenjie for a while,Discovery is late,Good face refuses to tell the truth,Show Liao Wenjie,Take above first step。
When Liao Wenjie arrived at the ocean teahouse,Nine uncles、There is a cup of coffee in front of the talent.,Lord did not see,But there is a lady who is wearing a pink dress。
She is a daughter of my master Ren Tingting.,Good name,Flower season,Slim。It is the outer dress too mature,And her youth is not taking,A little awkward。
Liao Wenjie feels not reliable,WenQ is not so much,Pearl necklace is white and large,See him a pig brother,Suspension is fast.。
Ren Tingting is angry,I want a whole text.,Seeing that the teachers will not drink coffee.,Good heart, I have given them a sample.。
A mouthful of coffee,A mouth of milk,I added a spoon to my mouth,Shake evenly,I spit a bubble before swallowing。
Nine uncle is sick,Invention such a weird tea way,There is no more thinking more。
“Nine uncles、Wencai,I’m late。”
“Ager,You have just come,Help you point a cup of coffee。”
Nine uncle refers to herself,Two empty chairs,One is a master,One is left to him。
“No bar,Drinking this coffee, I want to drink juice.。”
Liao Wenjie sits down,Speaking of Ren Tingting curious attention,Looking up slightly smile。
As many young girls,Liao Wenjie looked up the moment,Ren Tingting lows skewers,Number of ants on the ground。
“what,This little brother is also nine unresur your apprentices.?”
Ren Master smiled and came.,Seeing Liao Wenjie,Dark road, good, back。
Grandfather,Rank,The name is obvious,Unfortunately, he has been,Family business is not as good as one year。Recently he also takes another way,Urgent to the old father,Refers to change the wind and water change dilemma。
“Laobang misunderstood,Ager”
Introduce it to,Ren to let Nine Uncle quickly drink coffee,It’s not good to drink cold.。
Nine uncle smells,Just learned to have a superior coffee skill,This is not true at this moment.,End the cup, you have to have a mouth.。
“Nine uncles,Real people do not reveal,It turns out that you will also drink coffee.。”
Liao Wenjie holds the wrist of Nine Uncle,Speech,WenQ sample,According to Ren Tingting process,Put the coffee as a mouthwash。
Ren to see the jungee,Break in the face of nine uncle,Praise:“First time I saw a coffee such as coffee.,Quite meaningful,I will try it again.。”
Silk,The hand of the nine uncle’s cup slowly put down,Serious road:“Ager,You go abroad,How about trying this cup of coffee?。”
“Oh,Ajie still stayed?”
Run asked:“Which country going,What to learn??”
“Neon and Europe have stayed around,Learn is mechanical engineering,This is a natural science and technical science.、Design By the theory of theory and the actual combination of application discipline。”
Liao Wenjie wants to say that the mechanical integration,I have not automated it in this year.,Decided to install a little bit。
“Ah, it turned out,Ajie is really powerful!”
“Yes,After another。”
Ren Tingting and WenQi heard a fog,Jiu Shi and Ren Lien,Locomotive engineering,Understand,They often listen to people。
“Nine uncles,The first step in formal drinking coffee,Should come to ice water first,Can clean the mouth,Can also help taste buds,This coffee shop does not offer ice water,Service is very unsatisfactory。”
Liao Wenjie shakes coffee spoons,Skillful tips for drinking coffee,He used to learn。