“it is good!Got it,thank you!”

Xia Jian nodded to the waiter,Then wait for Heiwa to come over,So he gave him the little bag he carried。The two people walked inside。Maybe Zhou Li said hello to the door,As soon as they walked over,Then a little girl ran over,Took them to a special golf cart。
Sitting in this car,Looking at the beautiful scenery of the golf course,Xia Jian suddenly felt relaxed,I feel like returning to nature。If it wasn’t for this elegant place,He will yell a few times。
The car kept pulling them to Zhou Li’s rest pavilion before stopping。Xia Jiangang got out of the car,I saw http://www.guodalang.cn Zhou Li let go and walk towards him。
This woman’s white sweatshirt,I also wear big sunglasses on my face。Such a comparison,Her white face is even whiter。
“Waiting for you for a long time,You guys are a bit slow!”
Zhou Li laughed,And stretched out her white tender hand。
Xia Jian reached out,Shook her gently,Then he said with a faint smile:“Zhou Zonghao Yaxing,I chose such a beautiful place to play。Unfortunately you didn’t choose the right person,I am a person who doesn’t understand the joy of life,I’m afraid it will ruin your Yaxing”
“Why are you so poor now,Hurry up and change clothes!Let’s have fun today”
Zhou Li said,Reach out,Gently pulled Xia Jian。
Xia Jian smiled and said:“I look good in this,No need to change,Besides, I didn’t bring any clothes”
“I’ve already been prepared by you,You go with my secretary!That’s like you,Playing golf in a suit,If you don’t believe me, look around。If you can find one,Then avoid”
Zhou Li said,So he grabbed Xia Jian’s arm。Her female secretary took a look,Ran over to La Xiajian,Makes Xia Jian very embarrassed,He doesn’t want to make a fool of himself in front of so many http://www.aukma.cn people,And followed Zhou Li’s secretary to the lounge。
A woman always has her advantages。Unexpectedly, Zhou Li prepared a set of sweatshirts for Xia Jian not only to wear properly,And he looks very handsome。He and Zhou Li go together,Jane is really a couple。This makes Xia Jian feel uncomfortable。Zhou Li is very happy,She saw Xia Jian came over,Suddenly happy like a little swallow。
Already here,Ze Anzhi。How does Zhou Li arrange,He can only play with her first。For golf,Xia Jian has been here before,The level of stool is smelly,So such a high-consumption place,He tries to avoid not coming,But sometimes it’s not so easy to avoid,Like today。
Zhou Li looked a little strange at Xia Jian,She took the trouble to teach Xia Jian again and again。Xia Jian didn’t care anyway。But when he saw sweat on Zhou Li’s forehead,She still has to teach him to http://www.thmos.cn play,Xia Jian is a little passive。So he calmed down and followed Zhou Li to learn。
By his ability,Quickly mastered the requirements。Unconsciously,It’s lunch time。Zhou Li said with a bit of reluctance:“You just don’t want to play with me,Deliberately?”