“But now,How should we deal with this??”

Just watching those people around,In fact, deep down in their hearts,Even more eager to try。
After all, now,Such a thing,Essentially,Other people can see it completely。
So then,What should I do,Actually just these,It’s not simple。
“All right,Since this is the case,Then we should still have this need,Think of a way to do something。”
“To be precise,This is a good opportunity,and so,We must hold it firmly。”
“Who said no,Anyway now,Just watch it。”
When those people around,I didn’t forget to say here。
obviously,Such a thing,What kind of method is needed to solve it。
Let’s not talk about anything else,But here,Such a thing,Is indeed a very difficult problem。
And looking at it all,Now,Han Tianshan’s side,Lei Yong is very anxious。
“Mr. Han,otherwise,Let’s go right now!”
Actually among so many people,Lei Yong’s heart is the most anxious。
After all, as long as these things can be resolved,He can take back everything that belongs to him。
otherwise,Just keep consuming,No one knows,Next,What else will it become。
So next,Such a thing,What kind of method is needed to solve it。
Actually just this,It’s enough to make other people overwhelmed。