Ancient Fai’s "new" wine de Mountain has wine floating

Changde City Wine Association President, General Lake Group Executive President, Guo Zhiqiang, Chairman of Deshan Wine Industry.

Cheng Pengwei’s photo "Chang Dedde Mountain has morality, Changsha sand water is seamless." Listening to Changde, Changde, who is wide, is placed in the Dushan winery, moss, green trees, and ramping.As the largest liquor production base in Changde, the De Mountain Winery is built in 1952, inheriting the ancient Chinese style brewing process, the antique cherry pool, and you can feel the historical and cultural connotation of Due Mountain."Changde is a cultural place, the De Mountain Wine is based on the German Mountain, telling the story of good cultural and moral cultural culture." President of the Water Concerta, Changde City Sino-Water Industry Association, De Mountain WineGuo Zhiqiang, chairman of the industry.

"If you are good if you are in water, you will not fight." "Just as the realm of good moral culture, the De Mountain Wine has launched a long-standing moral culture, exudes a unique wine culture. Take a wine, with wine. The ancient De Mountain culture is given new connotation, and the Due Mountain will also glow new vitality. As the "Xiang Xiang’s first thick wine", Due Mountain alcohol is only a rush, but it has grown up, but it is always on earth, and she has kept the ancient method and keeps humility.

Thick historical mountain culture infiltrating nourishes "Speaking of Deshan wine, you have to mention the culture of Germany, and you will not be able to make good volume.

"Speaking of De Mountain, Guo Zhiqiang is like opening the words.

The so-called mountain is Germany, it is Changde Dend Mountain, and the ancient times is hidden in this, advocating human morality, magistrate, and cultivating.

Time flies, change the star shift. The good roll has been driving to the crane, and the truth of good volume has been introduced into the Chinese mainstream culture and has become an important part of Chinese culture. The Deshan Wine is located in a long-term reputation, and the heavy good culture is the gene and basic kernel of Destan Culture.

Guo Zhiqiang said that Liu Yuxi wrote "the mountain" of the mountain is not high, there is a famous name. Water is not deep, there is Longzhi.

"At this time, the location is in Due Mountain and Lijiang.

As the earliest ancient city site, the old ancient city site found by China, and there were many wine bottles and a large number of citaries unearthed, which proved that Changde has already mastered mature brewing technology as early as 6,000 years ago.

Since the Tang Dynasty, Changde in the Bin of Dongting, the wine industry has been very prosperous, and Hanshou Maojiatan has more than ten kinds of brewing, and more than ten wine. From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, Ma Wanlong’s Wizard has introduced Mao Jiaba’s ancient way to wine and wine. After five generations, the technology is mature, and the eve of the founding of New China has become a leader in Changde City. In 1952, the national Changde winery established by the 72 private wine workshop officially listed. As a predecessor of the Demhan Wine, it was the first white winery in Hunan Province after the founding of New China.

7 years later, the "Deshan Grand Qu" wine with the typical style of Xiangpai, in Changde Winery, has been awarded, and has been awarded, laid the status of "Xiaoxiang’s first thick wine", becoming unknown Hunan Wine, marketing, Jiangnan North. Inheriting the Millennium Age Skills Careful Brewing, Keeping ancient Wine Silk, has always been characteristic of De Mountain.

Wu Xinqun, the famous national winemaker, said that "the Dushan Wine Industry is a collection of Changde Ancient Fair Silk Silk Skills, which inherits the 100-year ancient brewing skills including water, selection, production, fermentation, storage and other links, etc. Handmade skills, and taking the euro between the masters, the key 诀窍 is no secret. "Wu Xinqun was the head of the German Dagu winery factory. After retired, the identity of technical consultants was still the development of D’. Play waste heat. "The ancient law’s wine skill seems to be backward, in fact, the process is quite demanding." Wu Xinqun said, in an ancient law in the formula process, the above, the wheat is a raw material, using artificial stepping, palletizing fermentation, hand control, Color, natural vaccination, can be put into production over 6 months, with a unique aroma of wheat.

"Millennium, Wan Ye." Wu Xinqun said that the ultimate Yourchi in the Due Mountain Wine Industry is also in 50 years old. It is one of the oldest Laojiao pilings in Hunan to date.

De Mountain is also unique "old worn" craftsmanship, to obtain the best microbial fermentation environment, ensuring high-quality ramping alcohol.

In addition, Deshan winemaker adheres to the requirements of traditional wines, and the scalgage wine is accurate into 12 grades. It is stored in the deep underground ten meters in the old wine in the old wine, and it has caused long-lasting. The wine is more alcoholic. In 2012, the ancient law of Dushan Wine was listed in the Intangible Cultural Protection List of Changde City.

It is ancient inheritance of the ancient wine craftsmanship, so that the wine in Due Mountain is farther. What is unfortunately in the cultivation of Xiangyi’s revitalization, and the performance of Xiangco in the Chinese liquor market is not ideal for a long period of time.

Guo Zhiqiang lamented.

"In response to the development trend of liquor industry, Guo Zhiqiang believes that future liquor industry brand concentration and product concentration will be higher, consumers preferred big brands.

"The first-line brand will take advantage of the brand story, the market share will be more and more high, and the second and third line brands will be more and more squeezed. At present, many wine companies cut a brand, integrated resources, but also to concentrate on brand building How is Xiang wine to revitalize? Guo Zhiqiang thought a lot.

Then, enhance the consumer recognition in the region.

Analyze consumer psychology, study consumption habits, pay attention to consumer experience, who seizes consumers, who can grow long-term development.

In addition, enhance the integrated marketing ability, the liquor industry should pay attention to Internet marketing, brand publicity should be sold, and regional wine companies should sell flat. "The Deshan Wine Industry is also so practical." We worked hard in these three things, especially in developing high-end products, the main grasp the public consumer market, launched the secret Hidden Mountain small wine, drip hole Small wine and other small bottles, mixed honey, consumers can also scize, and continuously cultivate the core consumer groups.

"Guo Zhiqiang mentioned that in response to the young consumer group, the Deshan Wine Industry also launched the osmanthus wine and other products, the beautiful packaging, with the beautiful wine of the flowers, is loved by many female consumers. In the past five years, Due Mountain Wine Industry Sales revenue and tax remaining have grown close to 20% -30%. It can be described as steady growth, small and achievements, but Guo Zhiqiang is not proud. "We are not good and far away, we will keep your strength, keeping more than about 30% a year, this is Our goal. (Editor: Luo Shuai, Tang Li Wei).