When I am calm here,There is a place that is very lively right now。

On the way here,At this moment, there are a lot of top masters standing in place,Under unimaginable pressure。
These people are the elders of the Tu family and other forces in Lingxiao City。
They agreed to come and capture Xia Chenglong,Everything went well,They can reach the golden palace with Xia Chenglong。
But the problem is when they are halfway,Channel beauty suddenly appeared a powerful force,It’s hard to push everyone down。
Let alone walking,Even speaking is extremely difficult。
Think about it,Here is the top existence of the entire Lingxiao City,There are four warriors who have reached the peak of the holy realm,The others are all Saint-level martial artists above Rank 5。
Such a force, let alone the North Sea,Even in the place where the hidden dragons and crouching tigers are in Zhongyu, they can be domineering.。
And they are now“Penalty stop”,The problem is that there is no way out。
The Tu family elder is also considered a talent,Under this pressure, he can move slowly,Everyone else is completely dying。
Ma Lao and Huang Lao are very leisurely,Directly love at every turn,Gloating and looking at each other sweaty,Go forward with a sullen face。
Tu Jia’s own place has boiled his own identity,I’m afraid no one will believe this,But that’s the problem。
Elder Tu Jia really gloomy,When is there such a magic circle here,He didn’t even know,And I tried many methods but didn’t solve it!
Could it be the will of heaven,So that he can’t catch the troublemaker?
Do not,Absolutely not!
Tujia must not be destroyed because of him,Otherwise, he cannot face the ancestors of the Tu family。