“Xiao Li is coming with my little.?

That’s today, let’s hurry up.,I will get on the bus for a while.。”
Li Hui said this,Also hurry:“Thank you for the coach.,I invite the passenger noon.,Ask the coach to eat a big meal,How about it?”
“Hahaha is not,Need not,Driving school has specified,Do not allow coaches to participate in party。”
Say,Lu Zhengyi handed the key to Li Hui。
“You will practice first.,I will go to play first.。”
I heard Lu Zhengyi,Li Hui is very happy with Jinxi.。
After getting on the bus,Li Hui Hui immediately installed the micro camera on the car.,Then connect with your mobile phone.。
I found that everything is better than expected.,Li Hui Feng and Jinxi are also practicing the model.。
When Lu Zhengyi came back,Soon, there are other female students practiced.。
Li Hui Feng decisively gives female students to let。
After http://www.nanyatechan.cn all, although he did not practice a few,But it has been very familiar with it.。
When Jin Xi is practicing in the car,I found that Lu Zhengyi’s hand is not honest.。
Even if there is some uncomfortable road:“coach,Can you touch it??”
“Hey-hey,Feel sorry,Feel sorry,Accidentally don’t care。”
Although Jin Xi is not happy,But Lu Zhengyi is even more,I found that Jin Xiner did not have a big rebellion.,He does not help but start a new round of offensive。
“Hi,Are you living with you??”
what happened?”
For Lu Zhengyi,Jin Xiger feels some wondering。
“Hey-hey,Young boys have no experience,Said that men forty-one flowers,I just had a forty old this year.,It is full of blooming,Do you have any interest to learn??”
Chapter 826 Differences
Jin Xier heard this,I feel sick in my heart.。
http://www.wet88.cn She didn’t feel that Lu Jiali is not very good.,I didn’t expect it to be a sick person.。
“hehe,Feel sorry,I only like my boyfriend,Coach your branches or give other female students.,I am blessing.。”
Golden is talking,Also practicing,At the same time, I feel that Lu Zhengyi’s pair of handsome big hands must touch her thigh.。
I want to know today to prevent the waves.,She can be in jeans。
Strongly,Let the other party touch it。
“coach,My boyfriend is outside,If this move, this action is being seen by my boyfriend.。”
Lu Zhengyi who just passed the hand addiction heard this,It is also a smile。
“fine,you do not say,I will not say,who knows?

Everyone went out。

en route,A young man who stayed with watermelon leaf is the same side.,“Bamboo,You found no,This guy is somewhat familiar.,Where is it seen?。”
I just pericated just now.,I thought it was only my illusion.。”
“Yes,I also feel that this kid is familiar,Will not be a wanted criminal。”
“Haha,If the words are words,We also contribute to the people.。”
“……”The two said,The rest of the more than a dozen blesstone is also a solemn summer,Then there have been attached。
Just thinking about half a day, I can’t think of it.。
Reversely, it is surrounded by guests,After hearing these words,Also carefully taking the summer。
Among them, I don’t know what I thought.,One is all colors,And after taking out your mobile phone。
Surrounding sound,And a scene,Naturally, I can’t hurt the summer.。
His heart is also one。
But now it is not considered these,Quickly leave the restaurant,Outer。
Slap in。
More than a dozen guys will surround the summer。
Strong brother,Qingli on the thick arm is usually jumped.,“brother,I have already arrived outside.,Give money。”
Summer eyes over,Finally, look to strong brother,Faint,“Give you a chance,Now that people have left still。”
Talk,Strong brother,I didn’t expect that summer actually was so hard.。
Turn it back,“Dead goods,Hem home shovel,I still dare to install me now.,Give me up!”
More than a dozen big men can’t help but,I have a roaring。
However,They don’t know what they have missed.。
http://www.pintong0769.cn The person who first hand just arrived in summer.,I was bombarded by my elbow.。
This guy is smashed by the hammer.,哒 哒 哒 哒 哒 退 退,Then, the bust is sitting on the ground.,Zhang’s mouth is half a day, I can’t breathe.。
Follow the foot,Rowing a dramatic arc,The second guy was flying out in a heart.,Squat,I can’t climb half a day.。
All this happens in an instant。
Since the speed is too fast,It seems to fly out,Guests and passengers in the Western Restaurant are stunned。
The rest of the strong man is also stunned.,Turn your eyes,Face,I have a roaring。
NS2599chapter Reward
have to say,These guys are unusual,There is no fear at all。
Everyone has a heart-heartedness。
But unfortunately,They encountered summer。
Facile,He is wrong,Troning hands on a face,Peach blossom,This guild tears tears,Get your face http://www.365yuan.cn down。
Not completed。

槐 皱 头 他 头 眼,Still looking for a corner to sit down。

Ten bowl of porridge,Returned to run two times。
Sit down while drinking porridge,Zhou Zhiyan touched the phone and saw it,Suddenly frown。
A early cell biology。
A bit difficult。
Depth:get up,Have breakfast.
Depth:Wake up by 槐
Dyeing:do you miss me?
Dyeing:Little age will deceive people
Dyeing:You are not good for my friends.
A little speechless。
What is the relationship with your friends??
Say it back,What is the red-dyed friend http://www.tcylwy.cn circle?,It is not a problem with a big demon brain.,Is questioning foreign policies,Where can I leave?。
This is like now,Zhou Into your avatar,Just look at it
Stupid, no fragile and demon smile
Some people visible。
One big expression package below。
Zhouzhi slightly hesitate,Finally got a good,Take the form。
Dyeing:When is there a space??
Dyeing:I am just right now.
at the same time,He looked up and aimed。
槐 正 正,By the way, he also took his dumplings a large half.,Aware of his eyes,She lifted her head,I stare at him,There is also mobile phone in his hand。
“What’s wrong?Who is looking for you?”She licks her mouth guess,“Li Daily told you to give her a breakfast,Let me help to send her bed??”
“Be red dyed。”
“!!”槐 眼 神 顿 顿,Stop the action of the mouth,“what does she say?”
“Be stupid”The moment is almost wrong.,Come back to God,He continues to http://www.jlzhjbj.cn aim,“She asked us when we have time,It is ready to say that the mirror area is ready.,Make a good arrangement,Can temporarily apply the world will。Just, Minggong also wants to go to the hometown of the hometown.。”

How did I have the courage to make a cup with others in the Daylily Mountain Fort??

First395chapter Take down the soul egg
Entered the next round。
Zhu Minglang has been paying attention,See if a group of big guys rush out suddenly,Tie yourself up。
Concubine Wen Ling’s reward is http://www.wrgfncp.cn probably also passed to http://www.shkaibei.cn Nihai,And also added 4 million gold。
I knew I would use a pseudonym……
Also a bit unlucky,He was recognized on the spot by a woman who had been to the country。
What’s so familiar,Maybe that little maid is already gathering people,Ready to capture myself,Sent to the country to receive the four million gold!
a long time,I wish Minglang did not see any movement。
The little maid stood quietly beside the queen of Xiayu,Talk to the guests in a gentle and gentle voice from time to time。
To the third link,Zhu Minglang is a pure layman。

“You are called cheap and sell it.。”Night cold smile and grabbed Lin Feng’s hand:“When did you leave??”

“Tomorrow,More accompanying these two little guys。”Lin Feng looked at Xiaolin Yu and the small road:“This time,I am afraid that for three or five years can I come back.,Have it to you at home.。”
“Do not worry。”
Night cold and Tang Yin Yao two women heard a little bit。
Time is slow,This day is very dull,Lin Feng is playing with Xiaolin Xuan and Xiaolin Yu.,Two little guys stick http://www.shzhabeiqulvshi.cn Lin Feng,I slept in the evening.,In the evening, the flying flying is desirable."shen y"。
The next day, I’m going to the empty,Soon arrived in the empty mountains,Always standing in the middle,Sun Litian,Tolsmu,Charlie Man,Qin Guangwang,Fire cloud burns,Fire Yunneh, etc.。
“I am ready.?Everyone?”Lin Feng smiled and said。
“Ready!”White,Sun Li Tian and others have heard that。
Lin Feng has emerged on a horrible airflow.,Into the figure directly into it.,Then his big hand extends to the land,Mountainous top,Many containers are placed on the top of the mountain。
All of these containers have fallen into Lin Feng’s hands.,Then fall into Lin Feng’s martial art,Then Lin Feng’s figure went to the direction of Central Asia.,After a dozen breathing, his figure came to Zhongya Guangmingfeng.。
http://www.mjmp88.cn “Oriental,Can start going。”Lin Feng looked at the bright peak。
Bright peak rises up a slap in the sky,A graceful figure came out,It is Dongfang Yin,Dongfang Yin’s airflow,Can’t see any true。
“Let it go!”
Dongfang Yin。
Lin Feng heard a little bit,His figure then went to the depths of the stars,I have disappeared between the moment.,The figure of the Oriental Yin also disappeared in the starry sky.。
After a day, the wind is surrounded by the sky in the wind, the sky of Lin Feng and Dongfang Yin,The two of the two are gradually moving to the deep wind,When coming27When the edge of the stairs, Lin Feng can’t help but look at the East Yin.。
“Be careful,This three flavor is very harmful to the gods.。”Lin Feng reminded。
“Thank you。”Oriental。
“This is a complete ghost king,All the verses are here。”Lin Feng talking to the sheepskin volume carrying the ghost king to the Oriental Yin。
Dongfang Yin reached out to take the sheepskin roll in the hand,Then look at the above content,Then she took her sheepskin to Lin Feng.。
“finish watching?”Lin Fengnao smiled。
“finish watching。”Oriental Yinni:“All right,If you don’t have something, don’t disturb me.。”Her figure between talking directly to the depths of the three flavor,The gradual disappearance is gone.。
This step is a few kilometers wide,Three flavor,Dark ask,So Lin Feng doesn’t have to use the sky,It’s hard to see the beauty of the Oriental Yin。
Lin Feng looked at the body of the Oriental Yin.,Then his figure came directly to the gate of the Ghost Royal Palace.,The sound of the whispering sound,The horrible three flavor is borne。
Lin Feng’s figure knees sit in front of the ghost king。
His god is walking。
Yuan Shen directly collapsed,The debris floating in the empty,Unable to imagine pain to infiltrate the soul,Let Lin Feng suffer,Like a mortal being worn by the traffic。

simply say,Heavy water is a sigh of sigh with the Lord Lord Lord,The moment is compressed into a picture。

The drawing is a goddess to play on the summer.,Turn over,Summer shrouded。
Blink,Summer became a painter。
The background is a vocilestive landscape。
“call out!”
Summer is not imprisoned,An arrow shot,Shock space,The scroll is also a dramatic tremor。
Master in the east,“Rock,Don’t hurt summer。”
Narrate,Luo Water Dao is a cold face, a complicated。
“rest assured,Just temporarily trapped him,Waiting for me to achieve the highest,Let him let him……”
Toned,She is like her own language,It seems to be said to others,“Others http://www.fcx315.cn rumors,The heavens and the earth of this heavy water, it is what I am evolved.,but in fact,But I asked too bad to high my friends evolution.,Will not hurt summer,But now today’s strength,Also can’t open defense,if not,Only with my current strength,I really can’t sleep.。”
Her voice has not been concealed,Several Lords heard,Overcast。
Get up,Su Chan, which is blocked by a cloud, also heard the Su Chan.。
The hundreds of thousands of people below naturally heard it.。
Everyone’s face is different。
They are suddenly trapped in the summer in the picture.。
Looking at him is like a madman,An arrow is taken with an arrow。
The painting is in dramatic tremor,Constantly transpondering。
Summary also heard the words of Luohai Road。
In his world,In fact, everything has not changed。
The mountain is still the mountain,One hundred and eight holy peaks,Standing in this world。
Unique change,Is this world except him,Everyone is isolated outside。
He is desperately pulling the bow,Constantly bursting arrow feathers,Arrow is like a storm,The mountains in the whole mysbine rumbling crack。
Turkey,One hundred and eight sang combination,Self-operated,Restore。
This world of earth,It is to resist the existence of madness.,Call,From the life level,It is the same as too much to high.。
Important,The heavy water is essential to high evolution.。
How can I break in the summer?。
“Father,Father, you help summer,Uncle Huang Long,Help summer.……”
Su Chan’s face tears,Cry loudly,The first floor of the front of the front of the front will open her.。
Jin Dingdao is a sigh,Huanglong Road is also eclipsed.。
What do they have?。
In fact,They have been in the end of endless years,Not only once attempted to persuade Luo Water Road。
and,The truth that is seen in summer and outsiders,It is only the truth that Luo Water Road http://www.szxxymotor.cn wants to see them.。
At this time,Luo Water Road,Behind Huang,A holy girl slowly drifting forward。
Lower is getting closer and closer。
“summer!You look at it clearly!”


Since I learned it in Gao Biyi“Drama”After this word,Yang Su feels the most suitable for use in Gao Boyi.。lt;/Pgt;
Heavy heart!Means!Shouting brother in your mouth,Hand touch guys!lt;/Pgt;
“General General,My self-proposition,Remove the banquet in your house,You won’t blame me to win the lord.?”lt;/Pgt;
Gao Bao Yi smiled and asked。lt;/Pgt;
“Where,Gao Member is polite,Polite!”lt;/Pgt;
Hou Wei doesn’t want to sway hands,With Gao Biyi and put into Yudzhangcheng。lt;/Pgt;
After http://www.paulight.cn entering the city,Gao Boyi arranged Hou, they met with their own family.,They all praised the Gao Bao Yijun.,Aimin like a child。lt;/Pgt;
Hou Yu is put down。lt;/Pgt;
It seems that Gao Bo Yi,Or Beixi,I really want to recruit myself.,Not unloading killing。lt;/Pgt;
Otherwise, there is really no need to play such a play.。lt;/Pgt;
honest,His acting also feels quite tired,Not even Gao Baoyi。lt;/Pgt;
Banquet,Hou Yu met an old acquaintance。lt;/Pgt;
http://www.jzessz.cn wrong,It should be a person who has dropped by himself.。lt;/Pgt;
Song Zi Xian!lt;/Pgt;
“General Hou did not kill,I remember。lt;/Pgt;
Highly larger supervisor is in the next child,Knowing that the general is difficult,Come and help。”lt;/Pgt;

“interesting!I heard from Dean Chang……You couldn’t get a scalpel for three years?I am a little curious,How did your right hand recover!”

Doctor Zhang said with a smile。
Eyes full of expectation!
“lucky,I met an ancient doctor who was better than me……”
Fang Yu said calmly。
It’s an explanation!
“Your master?Can you tell me……Where is your master,I like that kind of old doctor。Their medical skills,Really top-notch……what a pity,The current ancient medical dating is too serious。
Many ancient medical techniques,All lost!”
Doctor Zhang lightly sighed。
He is at the seminar,Actually already know。
The master behind Fang Yu,Not ordinary people!
So sharp eyes,But still low-key young people,Really rare!
Western medicine now,Practice makes perfect。
But ancient medicine,But not so!
“Unfortunately,I don’t know where he is……Wait until i really meet http://www.renchenghualang.cn him,Can http://www.rendezvousmerryhotelshanghai.cn tell you where he is!”

Be the strongest chess of the world with high school students?

Neurosis, this is!
But at this moment,Position,《Tasty dragon》The fierce rhythm suddenly falls from the sky,Let everyone’s ridges are very close。
“it is good!”
http://www.sxjqcj.cn I don’t know which person suddenly“it is good”A bit,Also bounched,In the end, everyone is infected.,啪 地 掌。
“Thank you for your applause.。”Koi is acknowledged。
what the hell,Everyone is still verygetTo the point of burning point!
Chapter 32 · Four kings,Come out!
Applause this thing is really magical,Can spread quickly with the speed of plague,Many large performance activities will insert some leaders in front of the front.,Once some people applaud,The entire group is infected。
Take advantage of this sudden rhythm,Science is also accelerated:“I,I have encountered various colorful players recently.,Buddha dedicated to chess,Perseverance,A proud fox,The tiger that has been retreating is still very tired.,And some people who have passed away,Each of them has a single game,Unique personality,Morality believed。”
When everyone has not reacted,Corona has already taken a lot of title to listen to the common people.,In terms of his speech, it is still fast.,Cooperate with the electric rhythm of the burning point。
“This is a quite wonderful world,But I am not satisfied with only the chess.,I am more important to defeat them outside the board.,So I chose not to drop.,Also stop,Maintain the title of my high school students last and a half,During this time,Will be the deadline I become the strongest player。”
Cang Yu Bridge heard the tongue straight downstairs:“you、You mean, you have to be within a year and a half,Take the title of Royal Cast?”
After Cang Yu Bridge thought,I added another sentence:“Or,You have to defeat the monk?”
He is also a week before, knowing that there is a monk this number.。
“Monk too early,Just first Yusheng chess。”
“This is already enough.!Now this Yusheng chess has been taking5Expire,Take a relationship, it is Yong Shi Yu City chess,You are sure that you can interrupted this championship from such a fierce person.?”Cang Yu Bridge opened his eyes,He said that I know you fierce,But I didn’t think you were so fierce.。
“Of course,Because I am at noon today,I successfully defeated the Jiuzhan section,Prove my strength。”
“what?Saito predecessors have been defeated by you?Or that is the kind of first?”The worldview of Cang Yuqiao further shakes。
“Yes,And according to me and his extra bet,After he lost it to me,I will move to this gymnary with his teaching place.,When you come, please take care of you.。”
“Stop stop!Too big information,I accept it.!You mean that Saito predecessors may come and be a colleague?Just in this gymnasium?”
“When you can ask him。”
Cang Yu Bridge is unconsciously turned,I found that the gymnasium flashed a Mr.,That is not a Mars for ordinary cigarettes,Is a brighter flare of cigar level。
Saito appeared here,That is to say,The words of Kozhong have just been true.?
“above,It is what I want to say.,I have to go down a wave of fields.。”Branch is directly turned off the microphone,After turning, step into the scene,This is also stopped here in the burn-like dragon,Only a student who is still in a circular state。
“What’s the situation now?”Shaogong asked,The expression is the same as the students.。
“Well,Probably it http://www.jiangxilucha.cn is special to come and put a gun.,In fact, there is nothing else.。”Kohuma 抠,I really can’t think of what.。
“You are neither going out,I don’t have to learn what state is, or then you will follow,Will get along with us in any form?”
“Maybe in a very strange way,If you hate it, you don’t say this.,I went to the scene.,Say free to participate in my party’s feast。”
It may be that he also feels hard to tell.,Soil,A slippery running,There are several times, I can’t pull back.。
“He should not go with some strange things to play chess.。”Bai Dream’s corner smoked,Wild premonition。

Never like this。

Think of this,She is drinking in her hysterical,“I object,Summer achievements cannot be numbered,No one can take ripe drug in more than ten days,how did you do it,Say the means……”
Summer is not good,“You let me say I said.,who do you think You Are?”
One sentence,Hollow’s palace fever,Full face。
In exchange, it is http://www.szmrchcasyqffh.cn hysterical irritation.。
“You dare to speak with me a newcomer.,who am I?I am a master of Qingquan,I am the person in charge of this group.。”
She points to http://www.1iangzhi.cn point to summer,Already anger,“Now I ordered you,Make a public means,I want to know that your competition is unfair.,otherwise,Your elixir is confiscated。”
“Go to your mom!”
Summer face is light,Just say,Let everyone look tongue。
“you,you……You dare to marry me?”
Palace Yu said his eyes,The eyebrow red scorpion is beating,Repeat,“You dare to marry me……”
Summer oblique opponent,Low low,“What is the purpose of you get a competitive mechanism?,Do you have any confusing?,The sound sound in order to motivate everyone,Sound sound in the mouth,I will go to your mom.。”
Hour time,Summity suddenly transitions a horror of horror。
Encourage everyone in an instant。
Under this breath,There is a count,It is like re-faceting the horrible strong contest.。
They feel that their gods in their body are frozen.,If a antique is facing a mountain peak that is about to collapse。
Do not!
Which is a purple?。
This is a more powerful and complete level of fluctuations.。
“What is you?。”
Summer 绽 冷光,Like a devil,“Anger,Killing you, but it is just a crushed antity.,Give you more faces。roll!”
话 刹,A sudden sleeve。
Miyu felt a strong attack,I still don’t know how to take an event.,Stomach,Not entirely。
When she reacted,Has been thrown out of the cave,A 踉跄,Something is not stable。
Palace Yu is trembling,Incident excitement,I died and died.,I can’t describe fear and fear in my eyes。
She used to be very negotiable,There is now a feeling of crazy feelings。
It can be said that all is looking http://www.naturebestow.cn for it.,It is she wants to calculate the summer.,The result is reversed。
Important,Summer super strong,Willing to accompany her to play this game。
But she did not pay after losing it.,Want to press people,Results Direct table in summer,Let her quite ugly。
She forgot,Even Tian Taixing will pay attention to。