Can the eye have really eye-catching? You need to know the use of eye drops

On June 4, 2014, the volunteers of Jiangsu University School of Medicine preached scientific eye knowledge through the eyeball structure model.

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Drops we said in daily life, actually belong to artificial tears.

Eye drugs have different types of division according to their components. Under normal circumstances, the eye has the following categories: 1. Antibiotics; 2. Hormone; 3. Non-steroidal drugs; 4. Artificial tears; 5. glaucoma drugs; 6. Antiviral drugs; 7. antifungal drugs; 8. Immunote inhibitors, etc. We can use your own eye disease under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist. In most cases, we often use artificial tears to soothe your eyes, fatigue, and false myopia that caused by long-term eyes. Artificial tears in the market often contains: vitamin B6, ice sheet, taurine, sodium glass sodium, carboxymethylcellulose and preservative (benzapium bromide), etc., these components can not only simulate natural tears to moisturize their eyes And make a graph, but also ensure the safety of eye drops in a reasonable time period. In addition to artificial tears, other types of eye drops are also used in clinical practice, such as hormone eye drops, some of which contain sodium phosphate phosphate, which belongs to glucocorticoids, with anti-inflammatory effects, can be used for iris ciliary Symptoms such as inflammation, iris, keratitis, allergic conjunctivitis, eyeliditis, tearduritis.

Antibiotic eye drops can be used to treat eye red blood from bacterial infections, as it contains chloramphenicol, compromumycin, and the like. In the process of using eye drops, we should pay attention to the following questions: First, you should clean your hands before use, shake the eye drops well, floating 1 to 2 drops in the eyelid, then close your eyes for two minutes. Second, if two or more eye drops should be used, it should be dripped in a small to large according to its irritation, and the time interval between each two should be more than five minutes. Common use of different eye drops is done under the guidance of a doctor or pharmacist, and the self-contrast will reduce the risk of efficacy or increase toxicity.

After the use, the ophthalmic water is required to be stored in a refrigerated office, such as refrigerator preservation room, and it is required to be used within one month after opening.

Finally, artificial tears can not be used for a long time, otherwise it will cause a reduction in natural tears secretion, causing dry eye.

In addition, other medicinal substances can cause drug glaucoma for long-term use. This article was scientifically checked by Ding Qingming, deputy director of the Pharmacy Department of Peking University People’s Hospital.

De eerste winter Olympische Spelen in Beijing begint te schalen

Sinds 12 november begon Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics uit te voeren in sommige stedelijke wegen, en de speciale rijstroken voor de Olympische Winter gehandicapten, en ondersteunde een speciaal verkeersbord.

De eerste speciale Lane bevindt zich in Olympus West Road, Chaoyang District, in lengte.

Olympische Speciale weg bestaat uit speciale rijstrookmarkeringen, ondersteunende identificatiemarkeringen.

Onder hen gebruikt de toegewijde rijstrookmarkering alternatief oranje roodgloeiende melting coating, de identificatie van het oppervlak gebruikt de voorvormlijn met de toegewijde wegstartpositie, de twee coatings hebben de kenmerken van kleur, hoge erkenning..In de speciale weg van 20 stedelijke wegen, een totaal van 4422 vierkante meter toegewijde rijstrookdieren, suggereert het ondersteunen van identificatiemarkeringen 185 groepen, stelt 93 sets aan, al het werk zal naar verwachting vóór het einde van november worden voltooid.

De speciale rijstrook kan normaal reizen voordat de kennisgeving van de verkeersbeheer niet wordt vrijgegeven.

Na de aankondiging van de daaropvolgende wijze Lane verkeersbeheer moeten verschillende soorten voertuigen de instructies volgen in overeenstemming met de kennisgeving.

A anti-US aid to the old warrior in Changjin Lake

The end of the end, the lights lit up in an instant. In the big city, only an old man stands straight.

"The great anti-US aid" is a long time! "" The great Chinese People’s Volunteers Martyrs will always lose! " In the 2021 National Day, the film "Changjin Lake" is hot in the country. In the case of the top of the film, a cinema of Chengdu is a 88-year-old anti-American aid veterans Li Huawu alone "package". When I was moving on October 12, the old man deliberately worked for many years that did not worn.

In 70 years, the veteran Li Huavu met in a movie and his own battle youth.

The movie "Changjin Lake" seems to be a time and space tunnel, so that the veteran returns to the unusual cold winter, touched the hot blood of the ice and snow years.

Shortly a film started, the train to the border made the elderly into memories. For most people in the present, the first time I arrived at the age of 18, it is likely to be on the way to the university campus.

For the 1951 Li Huifu, 18 years old, as the second batch of volunteer warriors in the DPRK, I went to the battle front line of the Baoguo. Departing from the hometown Sichuan Guangyuan, Li Huawu and his comrades first took a car to Baoji, and then took two or three days from Baoji for two or three days to northeast.

Like "Wu Wanli" in the movie, sitting in a stuffy truck, Lihuawu, who has just entered, can not imagine the cruelty of the distant battlefield, just like he has never anticipated his future brave and fearless. "I am the Chinese People’s Volunteers 12 Army 35th Teacher 105 Group 3 Camp 7 even 4 row 60 gun class warrior, Li Huiwu!" When the film in the film reported his partner, the veteran before the screen did not follow Have a number of troops and names.

With this, Li Huadu passed the body of the duck.

The same is the same as Changjin Lake, in 1951, winter is still cold, still difficult, still long.

In the snow-covered mountain, the roar of the enemy planes became the haze pressed in the top of the volunteer army. In concealment, it is a common memory of all volunteer warriors. Days, Lihua Wu and his comrades rest. They paved a piece of oil on the snow, just enough for two people lying together.

In the evening, they took a high snow and snow. If it is not a tenacious battle, the volunteers will be difficult to resist the cold of zero three or 40 degrees Celsius only.

Li Huawu first put into battle and was an evening in November 1951. The fierce gun sounded, and there were still some nervous, he didn’t think more. "Only the enemy will drive, the motherland will be peaceful.

"After more than 4 hours of fighting, Li Huiwu and his comrades defeated the enemy many offensive, and they were dead. They went to the position. For the veteran veteran veteran veteran, the brutal no movie of the war.

In a certain stop battle in a year, Li Huawu lost his right eye and hands.

The charge number sounded, Li Huawu took nearly 20 pounds of gun racks to walk in the intensive fire network.

Suddenly, the sharp whistling came from the ear, and his hands closed down. In the dull explosion, the shell blows in front of him. Li Huawu’s eyes are dark, and they have been dull … Wake up after 3 days. The health worker told him, "Most of the comrades who charge you with you are sacrificed. Your life is the team comrades and medical staff from the death of the death." In Heilongjiang treatment, the medical staff tells him to Paul Ke Ke. The story of the gold, reading "how steel is refined" over and over again.

"In order to live for the comrades of the sacrifice", Li Huilu began to practice and dinner using broken arm, dress, and learn literacy with the left eye.

The battlefield is the steel warrior, the battlefield, Lihua Wu still maintained the will of steel. "With beliefs and beliefs, don’t say that you lose your hands and your eyes, you can overcome again.

"After returning home, he opened his life after his war.

This time I went to Chengdu, and the veteran Lihua Wu has also completed a wish.

Because of "Changjin Lake", he met again with the previous comrades. After reading the movie, the veteran Lihua came to the Sichuan Provincial Revolutionary Disabled Military Restaurant (Rong Jun ").

There, he saw the 87-year-old old comrades. I have been in the last time, I have passed 58 years.

In the Battle of Changjin Lake, Zhou Qi brother ambushed three days and three nights in the snow, because of the severe frostbite, it was cut off the limbs. After returning to China, the two old people in Lihuawu and Zhou Zhou have studied the residual arm in the Rong Junyuan. "Wrap the cloth on the rest of the half, put the spoon into the cloth strip.

Sometimes I can’t get it, I will get the spoon, what should I do? Pick up and continue to eat … Letter of writing … "Li Huiwu, the old man can not only live self-care, but also get rid of illiteracy, can read the newspaper." Decision, not afraid of sacrifice, exclude the battle to fight for victory " Spirit, I have been incentive to him.

In May 1957, the Rongjun Institute established the Sichuan Provincial Revolutionary Disabled Military Breaking Team.

Li Huawu and the comrades of the five upper limbs were hard to practice for more than a month, and learned to blow the piano. "Volunteer War" "My Motherland" "I am a soldier" … With a sincere heart, they play these songs, and the exciting songs have passed to Beijing.

"The performance is completed, Premier Zhou is going to work with us ‘handshake’! In fact, we have nothing to do, the Prime Minister is so concerned, love us, especially touched!" Li Huawu said, standing around Zhou, feeling A huge happiness. I met this time, Li Huawu and Zhou Qi’s old man recalled a lot of past days.

"I can’t shake hands, let’s take the elbow." In this way, the two completed a special hug.

"There is a row of a surname in the movie, and we have a long surname, and he takes care of me. But I still don’t know if he sacrifices in the Korean battlefield …" According to the theater staff, When watching, Lihua Wu’s old man is silent.

The battlefield returns to the nearly 70 years, the veteran Lihuawu is using his own eyes, and the comrades who sacrifice look at the new China step by step to prosperity, powerful, and go to the future.

"We finished the battle, our consecutive generations don’t have to be hit.

"Look at the young face of" Changjin Lake ", Li Huawu old people are gratifying," China’s young people don’t forget history, do not bear the former people, still being full of hope and belief appearance.

"A netizen said:" Many people have not yet walking after the film, thinking that there will be ‘egg’, but I haven’t waited for a long time, I have to leave. Going out of the cinema, see the outer high-rise forest, the car horson, the flow of people, the lively, I want to come, this is the best ‘egg’.

"After a hard battle, the veteran Li Huawu also felt this kind of happiness.

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China @ 四川 | In the face of the risk of zerozoat cases, what is the immunity after winter?

  · "Xinhua Daily Telecom" reporter Xie Jie on December 10, there were 6 cases of new local cases in the country, including 4 in Sichuan, 2 cases in Heilongjiang. Chengdu epidemic, the source is still investigating.

After the winter, new crown pneumonia faults have diagnosed a case, affecting national sight. People can not help but worry, will winter neoguan pneumonia will come back? How to correctly understand the current domestic immunity? Where is the anti- confidence? To come from science.

Recently, Zhang Wenhong, director of the Infect Director of Huashan Hospital affiliated to Fudan University, said to the media, in the process of close contact person in recent patients, found the overall route, rarely happening. After the second generation case, there will be few three generations, four generations, this is a feature of Shanghai epidemic.

  Wu Zunyou, chief expert Wu Zunyu, who was "how to prevent and control the autumn and winter epidemic" forum, the overall judgment, even in autumn and winter epidemics, my country will never have a serious new coronary pneumonia epidemic like Wuhan. Where is the anti- confidence? To come from an epidemic attitude.

After the Shanghai citizens encountered the dissection of the case, there is no panic, and everyone is very strictly wearing masks, keeps social distance, washing hands, this is also one of the reasons why Shanghai has no expansion. Since this year, public transportation in Chengdu has always insisted that it is not to wear masks. In the hottest summer, if someone does not wear a mask, the bus driver will never start the vehicle.

Wear mask, measurement temperature, canteen is not gathering, and the green code of the entry is in the present, and these common sense is branded in the public, and it is implemented in daily behavior.

Therefore, while Chengdu is working well on the prevention and control, the city is still busy, the business is still prosperous, showing a stable and orderly side. Where is the anti- confidence? To prevent and control from the epidemic control system. At present, the epidemic prevention and control has four "whit yet", that is, the prevention and control system has not changed, the partitioned grading should have not changed slightly, and the mechanism of the police and the police, the mechanism of the corner is not changed, obeying the masses of the big world The foundation has not changed. In contrast the difficulties in the beginning of the year, our current experience is getting more and more abundant, and the anti-prevention materials are increasing, and the compressive capacity and circulation order of the entire economic operation are getting better and better. The whole society deals with the substance reserves and spirit of the epidemic. More and more improved, these conditions can bring people confidence.

  Of course, the epidemic prevention experts have not been sentenced, and my country’s epidemic prevention and control has two pressure: First, the reason is similar to Beijing Xinfadi market, Wuhan Hua Nan seafood market is unknown to outstad, Overseas input risks continue to increase.

  This requires the whole society to first need to defend, to treat overseas inputs, including people, things, cold chains, etc., let the wearing masks, hardworship, keep social distances, etc., the physical isolation belt in the living environment; second It is necessary to control. If you are discovered, you will completely isolate your admission, quickly screen your source, build the physical isolation wall in secondary communication.

  Since this year, many cities such as Beijing, Qingdao respond to the experience of distributed cases, most of the route of viral spread, all cut through effective prevention and control measures.

Epidemic prevention and control requires a sensitive reaction, but it does not have to be too tight. Where did the anti-vlastness after winter? It has to be tightened by the people of the people, working together, and cultivation of the disease.


Corps 3-6- 11-year-old group of new crown vaccine inoculation start

The reporter learned from the Corps Health and Health Committee that the Corps has been deployed by the city to start the 3-year-old group of new crown vaccination work.According to the unified deployment, the teachers and cities will implement the responsibility of the land, scientifically formulate the vaccination implementation plan, accurately arrange the inoculation plan; strengthen the risk management control of each vaccination point, strictly implement the "scan code + temperature measurement + wearing mask" and other measures, do a good jobRegional entry and exit management; strict specifications to perform a vaccination process, strengthen new crown vaccine cold chain operation and access library management; strict implementation of medical institutions to ensure that the emergence of burst can be placed in time.It is understood that the education department of the Corps will communicate with the health and health department to communicate in various primary schools and kindergarten institutions, advocacy, adhere to the informedity, agree, voluntary principles, and steadily advance the 3-year-old and 11-year-old unspecified people.catch.

1054 billion yuan! 2020, the key project of Henan Province exceeded the investment objectives

  This newspaper (Reporter Yan Wei) On January 28, the provincial government key project office issued a good news. Last year, the province’s 1182 key projects completed the investment of 1054 billion yuan, accounting for the annual target; 492 starting projects, the start rate%; 159 projects, 104% of the completion rate, and fully exceeded the established target tasks, becoming the backbone of the province’s economic growth.

  According to reports, in the face of sudden new coronary pneumonia epidemic and domestic economic downtown pressure continued to increase, the key project in our province has taken the lead in achieving comprehensive complex production, a number of major key projects, covering new infrastructure, industrial transformation, innovation development , Basic capacity building, new urbanization, etc. The infrastructure of the acre field test area is fully started, and the Taoco Railway, Zhengzhou Airport to Zhengzhou South Railway Station Intercity Railway traffic operation, the green-computer enterpril project bipolar low-end has been sent, Zhengzhou Metro Line 1, No. 4 Operation, etc.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the provincial government, the relevant person in charge of the provincial government said this year will surround the national funds, the "14th Five-Year Plan", the Yellow River Basin Ecological Protection and High Quality Development, and the number of key projects will be selected, and the number of projects has increased, and the quality is significantly improved. More optimized.

(Editor: Jiang Guo, Huang Sa).

Beijing Women’s Ice Hockey Creating History First Winning National Championship

Original title: Beijing Women’s Ice Hockey Creating History Beijing team members (red) actively fight in the game.

The Chinese Ice Hockey Association is awarded the reporter Deng Fangjia last 5 days of the 2021 National Women’s Ice Hockey Championship last night. In the final, with the "Mei Kai Diens", No.18 and No. 14 Ma Rui, and the goal of Qian Xinyi, No. 10 He Xin, Beijing Women’s Ice Hockey team won the Shanghai team at 6-1 and 1 champion.

  In the past two years, the Beijing men’s ice hockey team in 2020, 2021, continuously seized the National Men’s Ice Hockey Championship. The Women’s Championship won the championship, and the first time the Beijing Women’s Ice Hockey wins the national adult event championship, creating history. Two years of three crops, Beijing Ice Hockey’s written a new chapter. There were more than 170 athletes from Beijing, Shanghai, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Harbin, Sichuan and other places. The Beijing team won the three-day battle in the group stage, with the team name to enter the semi-final.

In the semi-final, the Beijing team is in the rain, and the rain is 8 balls, 8 to 0 victory, the Hebei team broke into the final. The final competition of the final, the two sides became 1 to 1.

In the second section, the Shanghai team is incentive and the strength is significantly improved.

However, Beijing team experience is more rich, and in the middle section of the section, he grabbed the door to a point, and the score was rewritten as 2 to 1.

In the third quarter, Qian Xinyi and He Xin continued to score two goals in a minute, and rewrite the score to 4 to 1.

In the third section of the third section, Huirui continued to break, the Beijing team finally locked the score at 6 to 1.

  In this allchace, Beijing sent two teams to participate, in addition to the Beijing Women’s Ice Hockey, and the Beijing Ice Hockey Association team (hereinafter referred to as the North Ice Association), the young teenager is finally achieved. The sixth achievements. The total number of teams participated in this game, and Beijing can send two teams. One of them will eventually win, but also in recent years, the road of ice hockey development in Beijing.

  In February 2016, Beijing has introduced the "Beijing Municipal People’s Government on Accelerating the Development of Ice and Snow" (2016-2022) "and 7 supporting planning, the first time clarified the people ‘s ice, competitive ice, teen ice and snow, ice and snow industry, ice and snow , Ice and snow facilities and ice and snow sports talents have formed a "1 + 7" policy system. Beijing also actively established the operation mode of Beijing Icebar Marketization, working hard to expand the market path, laid in the ice hockey operation mode of the ice hockey, and make a long supply, continuously improve the competitive level; . Among the 2020 to 2021 Beijing Youth Ice Hockey Club, there were 24 special music, 213 teams, 3,127 athletes participating, 890 games in the competition, and the event is first in Asia. In the end, the market-based adolescent ice hockey event system, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the one hand, on the other hand, Beijing’s adolescent reserve talents ensure that Ice hockey talents are often new and build a sustainable ice hockey talent development system.

  Specifically to the women’s ice hockey field, 2021 to 2022 season, 401 women’s ice hockers registered in Beijing Ice Hockey Sports Association, from 26 furniture, 174 people under 8, 164 years old, 63 years old, 63 years old. Since 2016, the Beijing Ice Hockey Society established "Beijing Little Female Bing" this special girl’s ice hockey collective. The "Beijing Little Female Ice" in 2016-17 participated in the Beijing Youth Club League. After five years of development, from 2021 to 2022 season, 10 Ice hockey teams with U6 to U14 were involved in Beijing youth. Ice Hockey Club League. In the professional team, Beijing has begun to select Beijing Youth Women’s Ice Hockey Team since 2018. In 2020, the top of U10, U12, U14, U16, and U18 were selected to form a continuous professional team backup talents. In October 2019, in order to prepare for the 14th National Winter Games, Beijing has formed a young women’s ice hockey team, and continued to transport professional women’s ice hockey talents to high age groups.

Since 2019, Beijing Youth and Youth Women’s team have won 3 championships in the National U-I-Ice Hockey Championships, and I received a runner-up in the national 2nd Youth Games Ice Hockey Competition. (Editor: Mencheng, Gao Xing) Share let more people see.

CITIC BANK LUOYANG BRANK: met "Temperatuur" met hartdienst

Een paar dagen geleden ontving Citic Bank Luoyang Branch een oproep, gevraagd of de teller kan handelen in een wachtwoordreset en upgrade de klasse I-kaartactiviteiten, en het personeel in principe informeert de cli?nt, ik moet het naar de uitlaten komen.

De klant luisterde naar de emotionele opwinding en vertelde het personeel om een ??lening te hebben in de Loyang-tak van CITIC Bank, de laatste aflossingsperiode, omdat het wachtwoord van de bankkaart is vergeten en is vergrendeld en de lening de bankkaart moet verbeteren Klasse I-kaart, anders zal worden achterstallig, en zijn familie is ouder, momenteel in het ziekenhuis in het ziekenhuis, 16 uur op dezelfde dag, ik kan niet naar de bank gaan om het bedrijf aan te pakken, dus ik wil het aan. Nadat het personeel de situatie begrijpt, rapporteert u de boekhoudmanager. Als de boekhoudmanager de informatie verifieert, zal het reageren op de behoeften van de klant, controleer snel de verschillende systemen van de algemene tak van de CITIC BANK en informeert u de klant snel op de hoogte van de " Kennisgeving over de identificatie van klant klant klant klant. Dit bedrijf is alleen voor zichzelf.

In het licht van de Emergency Special Affairs van de klant, kan CITIC Bank Luoyang Branch Personeel on-site dienst bieden. Ik heb geleerd dat de medische behandeling van de klant meer dan 40 minuten rijden van het stopcontact is. Het personeel is angstig en het hele lichaam gedisinerenti?le sterilisatie tijdens de epidemie. Het is niet gegeten en voert onmiddellijk de uitbreidingsapparatuur uit, om 13:20 dezelfde dag. Ga naar het ziekenhuisafdelingsgebouw om klanten te zien. Na het verifi?ren en ondertekenen van de bevestiging, wordt de bereidheid van de klant bevestigd en behandelt het bedrijf met succes en vervolgens de klant om de lening te retourneren via mobiel bankieren.

Klanten zeiden dat ze zo’n heel lange periode niet verwachtten, zulke lastige problemen, CITIC Bank kan hen helpen ze op te lossen in slechts 2 uur, klanten en hun families prijzen CITIC Bank. CITIC BANK LUOYANG-tak is vastgehouden aan "Er is een temperatuur van de bank" als de serviceschool, die vasthoudt aan het "transparante denken, nuttige service" -concept, en een perfecte service noodplan bij de uitlaat, actief verschillende moeilijke omstandigheden simuleren en herhaalde oefeningen, streven naar alle ronde verbeteringsservice is actief. (Citic Bank Luoyang Branch Zhang Mingyi) (Editor: Hou Linlin, XU Chi) Delen Laat meer mensen de aanbevolen lezen zien.

12 Academici in 5 belangrijke velden in de industrie, experts feihe hele-domeinonderzoek

Het is duidelijk dat volgens de leiding van de bevoegdheid van de leden van het Comité van de deskundige, de FEIHE All-Industry Chain Broad Research Center omringde het project "Hoogwaardige Milk Project", de Feeding Screen Screening, verse melk droge stof nam toe, hoog -Allield lactoferrin-vee groepscreening doorbraak.

Chen Wei, de academicus van de Chinese Academie voor Engineering, heeft in het verleden succes rond het productkwaliteitssysteem en heeft succes bereikt bij het bieden van meer geschikt voor Chinese baby fysieke fitness, en toekomstige hoop kan nog meer inspanningen leveren in voeding Gezondheid.

Tijdens de vergadering hebben de voorzitter van de FEIHE-zuivel en de experts van Zhu Wei en andere 12 Academician-werkstations benoemingscertificaten uitgegeven. Hij zei dat Chinese zuivel de wereldleider wil doen, Feihe wil honderd miljard doelstellingen bereiken en onderzoeksinnovatie is de eerste ondersteuning. Ik hoop dat alle experts in de Chinese zuivelindustrie zijn in termen van talenttraining, wetenschappelijke onderzoeksprojecten, fysieke fitnessonderzoek en industri?le keten, voor de Chinese zuivelindustrie, voor de vliegende kraan. Tegelijkertijd zal Feihe onderzoek en ontwikkeling en investeringen blijven verhogen, die vaste fondsen, menselijkheid en hulpbronnenbeveiliging bieden voor het onderzoek van werkstations.

In de eindvergadering voerden de deelnemende experts diepgaande discussies uit over het toekomstige werkplan van het werkstationwerkstation.

De Chinese Academie voor Engineering, Yue Guojun benadrukte dat onderzoek en ontwikkeling niet alleen een techniekprobleem is, maar ook een strategisch probleem, de richting moet duidelijk zijn, de sleutel is om stevig en consistentie te handhaven, om een ??open platformsysteem te bewerkstelligen Relatie tussen toepassing en ontwikkeling van toepassing en open onderzoek en ontwikkeling.

Beijing-Tianjin-Heefi Tourism Card heeft in totaal meer dan 2 miljoen

Originele titel: Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Toerisme Eén kaart Gecumuleerde vrijlating van meer dan 200.000 toeristenkaart heeft meer dan 200.000 toeristische schilderachtige plekken op de drie plaatsen uitgegeven. "Koop geen tickets, veeg direct in het park.

Een casual tour is meer dan 200 Scenic Spots, maar ook gratis of korting, het is handig en nuttig. "Onlangs heeft Shijiazhuang Citizen Zhao Lei net een reis van Beijing, Tianjin be?indigd, hoewel de reis moe is, maar het hart is vol vreugde.

Deze reis, Zhao Lei, een kaart, Yixian Lixiang, Taihang Shui Town, Corn Adventure Village, Peking Heilongtan Scenic Area, Qingliang Valley Scenic Area, etc., maar ging ook naar Tianjin’s Chinese Quyuan vroege hal, luisterde naar een "津 味 相相 ".

Laat deze kaart die Zhao Lei de hele weg leeft, is een kaart van Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei.

Dit is een van de drie plaatsen om de integratie van de Tourism-markt in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei te versnellen. Het is vrijgegeven in het gebied Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei.

Met de diepgaande vooruitgang van de ontwikkeling van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, de Tourism-kaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei ook upgrades.

Tot nu toe is de toeristische kaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei meer dan 2 miljoen uitgegeven, die meer dan 500 toeristische schilderachtige plekken op drie plaatsen omvat. Dit jaar introduceert de nieuwe versie van Peking-Tianjin-Hebei Tourism Card Nieuw, de kwaliteit en gewone versie, een verscheidenheid aan toeristische producten, en gediversifieerd om aan de individuele behoeften van verschillende populaties te voldoen. De nieuwe versie van de toeristische kaart, de Wereldbloemtuin van Beijing, Xishan National Forest Park, Wild Sanpo Glass View Taiwan en andere selectie schilderachtige vlekken en meer dan 200 co?peratieve schilderachtige plekken.

Onder hen, 80 schilderachtige plekken in Shijiazhuang, Baoding, Tangshan, Zhangjiakou, Chengde, enz. In de provincie Hebei, trok de toeristen van Beijing-Tianjin naar Hebei en genieten van Hebei. "Naast de vrije of korting van de schilderachtige plek, is de nieuwe kaart ook uitgebreid tot de reikwijdte van de preferenti?le en de consumptiescènes van de omgeving rond de schilderachtige plek zijn ook ge?ntegreerd in het betreden en meer preferenti?le beleid Grotere kortingen. Kracht wordt verstrekt aan de toeristenkaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. "Jinghua, het toerisme, het toerisme, het toerisme, toerisme, zei dat om de toeristische vrijetijdsbestedingspublieke service te verbeteren, de reiservaring verder te verbeteren, één kaart ook wordt gelanceerd Een toeristische verkeersservice, dekking Baoding Baishi Mountain, Chengde Xinglilong Mountain, Beijing Happy Valley, Tianjin Shijia Courtyard en andere schilderachtige plekken, bieden toeristen met kleurrijke toeristische producten en gratis flexibele manier van reizen.

Naast het geven van een handige reiservaring tot drie toeristen, bracht de toeristische kaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei ook populariteit en zichtbaarheid naar de franchise schilderachtige plek. Tang County Huagyanzhuang is een eco-toeristische Scenic Spot Integring Picking, Sightseeing, Vrije tijd, vakantie en kinderpark.

Sinds augustus 2019 en Jingjin-Hebei Travel Card-samenwerking zijn er ongeveer 3.000 bezoekers die elk jaar een cartoon poetsen. In 2017 werd Peking Ancient Cliff Resistant District de toeristische kaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei om lid te worden van de schilderachtige plek. Vandaag, ongeveer 13.000 mensen op één jaarkaart. Met de toename van het aantal kaartgebruikers, versnelt de Tourism-kaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei de ontwikkeling van nieuwe productproducten en lanceerde Xiongan Wen Travel Card, 2019, de themakaart en de Boutique-kaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Buscombinatie kaart, enz. Veel producten hebben bijna 10 miljoen passagiersverkeer voor de drie schilderachtige plekken aangetrokken.

Om de service van de Toeristische kaart van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, in maart dit jaar verder uit te breiden, heeft de Tourism Card van Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei en de China Petroleum Hebei verkooptak gezamenlijk ‘Beijing-Tianjin Huiji Tour’ uitgegeven en is beschikbaar voor het gebied Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. Toeristen zijn drie plaatsen. Alle Chinese oliepunten kunnen worden afgehandeld. Changyou-kaart bevat meer dan 200 beroemde schilderachtige plekken, pretparken, warmwaterbronnen, menselijke musea, culturele uitvoeringen en andere culturele hulpbronnen, en de totale waarde van het enkele ticket is meer dan 10.000 yuan. "Het volksleeftijd van Volkswagen, toerisme en vrije tijd zijn het leven van de mensen geworden.

In 2022 zal het toerisme van Beijing-Tianbei naar verwachting in september dit jaar worden uitgegeven en zal de dekking van de schilderachtige plekken verder uitbreiden, de reisradius verbergen en gebruikers een meer overvloedig toerismeproduct geven en voortdurend de reistarmen van de gebruiker worden verbeterd .

"Duhua zei, nu, Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei drie plaatsen kruisprovincies, de vraag van de top in de buitenwijken is prominenter, en de toeristische kaart blijft de omliggende speciale kleine steden van de stad, het landelijke ecologische keuze, een pretpark, schilderachtige plekje bijwerken Performance, Zoo, Botanical Garden en ander toeristische vrijetijdsproject, tegelijkertijd, continu versterken natuurlijk landschap, ouder-kind huisdier, hete lente drama, themaflocaties, drijvende avonturen, menselijke geschiedenis en andere toeristische thema-projecten, voldoen aan de gediversifieerde reisbehoeften van de drie handelaren. (Reporter Jia Nan) (Editor: Fang Tong), ik wens je meer mensen om de aanbevolen lezen te zien.