Certification of Yunnan Chengjiang Real Estate Registration Convenience Service and then upgrading

Since 2020, Yunnan Province Chengjiang City has implemented in-depth implementation of the spirit of "ventilation suits" reform and optimizing the environmental work conference, closely around "do not seek people, approval, and runs most", from streamlined, convenient, Quickly start, take the tree benchmark, the creation point, strong service, and continuously improve the work mechanism of real estate registration and handling process work, and comprehensively promote the improvement of real estate registration work. Entering the Chengjiang City Government Service Hall, I only see the window of the real estate registration certificate is under an orderly business, to optimize window settings, streamlined processes, promote one-stop convenience service, real estate trading department, registration department, and tax department unified to government services The hall, set the comprehensive acceptance window, implement "one window acceptance, parallel handing". At the same time, there is also a green channel, setting up a business window, promoting property rights registration services into enterprises, entering the community, entering the family, and focusing on the problem of the masses "to have difficulty, difficult to test".

The person in charge of Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center said that since the unification of the real estate is launched on 28 June 2016, the center is strictly in accordance with the relevant regulations, the registration of pre-trial verification – application acceptance – preliminary review – charge – certification – archiving " Process, and combined with the registration application materials required for dispersion, the real estate registration business is carried out to ensure that registration within 30 working days of legal processing.

October 2020, by adopting real estate registration and housing transaction payment, "one window acceptance, parallel handling" model and real estate registration, and further streamlined application materials, such as comprehensively cancel the copy of identity certificate, Cancellation of shareholder meeting resolutions, cancel the materials such as laws and regulations such as marriage relationships, and further simplify registration processes, such as consolidation or cancellation, and optimize to "Apply Acceptance – Review Walkbook – Fees – Archive" registration Process, eventually complicated to 2 working days to complement the time limit, improve the quality of service, enhance the masses.

"Now, give our business and owners to the most direct, most beneficial to provide our business and owners to provide a green channel, owners and enterprises come to handle, it is more fast, efficient, almost everything, almost every day. Neited.

Li Deliang, Manager of a Real Estate Development Company, Chengjiang City, said.

The relevant person in charge of the Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center, in addition to this, in order to improve the quality of service, help economic development, Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center is also limited to the registration time limit, and the real estate registration is committed to the commitment time limit to 2 working days, And strengthen planning supervision, improve planning enforcement, and eliminate the behavior of "first getting on the car, after getting on the car". The relevant person in charge of Chengjiang City Real Estate Registration Center said that the next step will continue to adhere to the "registration and efficient service according to law", do a good job in various registration work, and effectively improve the business and the masses. (Hou Rui, Bao Na Chengjiang Municipal Rong Mongolian Media Center) (Editor: Mu Jingyu, Zhu Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.

Deeply understand the spirit of the Plenary to learn the strength

On November 30th, study and implement the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session of the Central Propaganda Group walked into Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Fujiang Shengli Memorial Hall, member of the Central Propaganda Group, and Deputy Director of the National People’s Congress Finance Economic Commission, Commissioner, Commissioner, Qiqin, and Youth Teachers and Students The representative and grassroots cadres face-to-face interactive preaching. "The spirit of the Plenary is very profound, the connotation is extremely rich, and it is necessary to learn to receive the essence of its essence.

"In Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Qiqin is a focus on the four aspects of teachers and students, using the" one main line "" two established "" three leaps "" The great achievements of the four historical times "" Five history of struggle for hundreds of years " Significance "" Ten ‘Historical Experiences Formed by Centennial Struggles ", etc., the essence of the spirit of the spirit, helping everyone to grasp, and understand the spirit of the 19th Plenary Session of the 19th Central Committee." For the Chinese people, for the Chinese nation Mutant is the initial mission of the Communist Party of China. It is also the main line through our teachers and students. "In the process of special counseling, teachers and students listened carefully." In the history of the great revival of the Chinese nation, university How to practice the mission of party education as national talent? "" College as the frontier position of scientific and technological innovation, how do our teachers do the big people ‘in scientific research? "Teachers and students seize rare opportunities to ask questions, and Qiqin will pay for more and more. In response to the national key R & D plan chief scientist, Nanjing University of Aeronautics University Energy and Power College, Liu Xiang, the issue of Liu Xiangei, said: "The four directions of General Secretary Xi Jinping ‘s" The "four faces" indicated the direction of my country’s future scientific and technological innovation, and is the "big" country of the university teachers of scientific research work. China Sad Air is a school with glorious tradition and lofty. As a new era. Southern Airlines, everyone must learn from the party’s hundred years of struggle, calibrate their positioning, steadily advancement, take the initiative, and better integrate academic pursuit and moral pursuit, in the development of party and national business To realize your own life value. "Liu Xiang Lei listened to the report, he felt a deep, fighting, and he said:" The Sixth Plenary Session Report puts forward the ‘Technology Self-reliance ", our young teachers are responsible for the no loans, and I will actively face the major needs of the country, in energy technology Fully innovate, make greater contributions to the realization of national ecological goals.

"Stepping into the Victory Memorial Memorial, and the interactive preaching of the cadres in the museum.

The 19th Sixth Plenary Session of the Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee summarizes one of the 10 tremendous historical experiences of the party’s hard work of the party, and the Tang Wei Memorial Memorial, Tang Weiwei, is impressed, and she asked in the new era. How should we better insist on and develop this historical experience? "勤 俭 Answer:" We must keep in mind the teaching of the general secretary, ‘Jiangshan is the people, the people are Jiangshan’. Communists from the people, rooting the people, serving people All our work points to the people’s interests as our biggest motivation and struggle.

As long as we grasp well understanding, we have the power, powerful, have a effort, will have a struggle for struggle before. "Dangjiang Shengli Memorial Hall is taught to say:" Next, we must implement the spirit of the Sixth Plenary Session in the work, so that the people are satisfied with our biggest struggle. Listening to the interpretation of the presentation, our confidence is stronger, and it is more powerful.

"(Our reporter Yang Ziping).

All 14 ecological restoration projects in the Bohai Sea passed the acceptance

Original title: All 14 ecological restoration projects in the Bohai Sea passed the acceptance of July 30, the reporter learned from the Provincial Natural Resources Department that the Ocean Ecological Repair Project of the Bohai Comprehensive Management of Liaoning Province completed the acceptance work of vegetation planting. At this point, the 14 ecological restoration projects of the Bohai Comprehensive Management of the Bohai Sea in Liaoning Province are all accepted.

Liaoning Province Bohai Comprehensive Management Attacking Ecological Repair Project Mountain, Longgang, Xingcheng Liuhekou, Sui San Anchorage Bay, Dalian Pulandan Bay, Dalian Bay, etc. Development and natural disasters caused by marine ecological environment, such as wetland, damage, shore-beach line damage. During the ecological repair, Liaoning Province adheres to the ecological problem-oriented, according to the guarantees of ecological security, highlighting the ecosystem function, and has deployed 14 projects, and has deployed 14 projects to restore the wetland, repair the coastline, Improve the target of marine resources and ecological value, ensuring that the scale of the coastal wetland project is not less than 1900 hectares, and the shore shore beach rectification repair length is not less than 30 kilometers. Through the implementation of the cultured surrounding wedding, the other structures cleaning, tide dredging and other measures, restore the repair of coastal wetlands, improve the marine water dynamic environment, and achieve a good cycle of marine ecosystems, a class and two kinds of excellent water quality area are significantly increased. During the implementation of the project, the first establishment of "Ministry of Supervision, Provincial Politics, Municipal Implementation" work program, strengthening organizational coordination, implementing responsibility, overall management, and establishing an ecological repair new pattern.

As of the end of last year, Liaoning Province repaired the coastal wetland hectares, completion rate; rectification repair shore line kilometers, completion rate%. According to the relevant person in charge of the Provincial Natural Resources Department, the next stage, Liaoning Province will further strengthen project supervision and management, and track the ecological repair effect of the Bohai Board, ensuring that the project has achieved better ecological benefits, economic benefits and social benefits.

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China-Japan jointly released a new generation of electric vehicle charging technology standards

People’s Network Beijing June 22 (Reporter Hu Yuge) June 19 Safety, charging power, structural design, forward compatibility, and future applications.

At present, the real-heart test results show that the technology has a wide range of application prospects, while covering the mainstream passenger cars, special needs of heavy-duty vehicles are met. The "Electric Vehicle Chaoji Communication Technique White Paper" system has been published in the research background and status quo of new generation of charging technology, focusing on the new generation of Chaoji charging systems, communication protocols and connection component technical programs, and proposing technical standards and Industry Planning. Sino-Japanese and Japanese experts believe that the release of white paper provides a complete and fast, safe compatible, low-cost charging system solution, which will force Chaoji charging technology to accelerate maturity and internationalization, reduce electric vehicles R & D and manufacturing cost, and expand the popularity Improve user convenience. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ouyang Ming, Professor Tsinghua University, said Chaoji charging technology will play an active role in solving electric vehicle charging safety and durability. In March 2016, the State Grid Corporation will develop the pre-research work of my country’s high-power charging technology.

International Conference on the First New Charging Interface Project in July 2019 officially named "Chaoji" proposed in China, gaining the extensive recognition of experts, Europe, Japanese and regional experts. Japan is based on the same technology route, and the new generation of charging standards are synchronized.

The revision of the two Chinese national standards for electric vehicle conduction charging system started at the same time.

China-Japan-related government departments and industry representatives said it will further deepen pragmatic cooperation, and work together to create a good industrial ecological environment for Chaoji charging technology, promote charging technology upgrade and standard internationalization, and jointly promote Chaoji charging technology to become global compatibility. General standards .

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De grondwet van de Volksrepubliek China (volledige tekst)

De grondwet van de Volksrepubliek China (de vijfde bijeenkomst van het 5e Nationaal Volkscongres op 4 december 1982 heeft de aankondiging van het Congres van de National People op 4 december 1982, aangekondigd op het 7e National People’s Congress op 12 april 1988 de "Constitutioneel amendement" aangenomen door de Volksrepubliek China heeft de eerste bijeenkomst van het 8e nationale volkscongres gepasseerd op 29 maart 1993, de eerste ontmoeting van de Volksrepubliek China, op 15 maart 1999 het "Constitutionele amendement" dat is aangenomen door de De Volksrepubliek China, de tweede conferentie van de Volksrepubliek China, goedgekeurd door de tweede bijeenkomst van het 10e nationale volkscongres op 14 maart 2004 en 2018 het eerste hoofdstuk van de Constitutionele wijziging van de Volksrepubliek China op 11 maart National Het congres van mensen, het eerste hoofdstuk van het eerste hoofdstuk van het hoofdstuk III, hoofdstuk III, hoofdstuk III, hoofdstuk 3, de nationale instelling het Nationaal Volkscongres Second Festival, voorzitter van de Volksrepubliek China, artikel 3, de Raad van Republiek China, De VII, de VII, het People’s Congress, The People’s regering, en het zevende deel van de Volksregering van de Volksregering, zevende deel van de Nationale Autonome Organisatie Sectie 7 Het 8e hoofdstuk van het Volksrecht en de People’s Procuratorate, het volk Hof en de procuratoraat van het volk, en China is een van de oudste landen ter wereld.

Chinezen hebben allemaal een glorieuze cultuur gecre?erd en hebben een glorieuze revolutionaire traditie. Na 184 jaar werd het feodale China geleidelijk een semi-koloniaal, semi-feudaal land. De Chinese mensen hebben hun eigen hero?sche strijd geleid voor de onafhankelijkheid van het land, nationale bevrijding en democratie.

  In de twintigste eeuw had China een grote historische verandering in China. 191e jaar, Sun Yat-Sen leidde de revolutie uit 1911, schafte de feodale keizer, en richtte de Republiek China op.

De Chinezen hebben echter de historische taken echter niet afgerond tegen imperialisme en feodalisme.

  In 1949 leidde de Chinese Communistische Partij van Mao Zedong het Chinese volk in China, en na het ervaren van zware en gedraaide gewapende strijd en andere formele strijd, takte het uiteindelijk het imperialisme, feodalisme en bureaucratisch kapitalisme. De grote overwinning van de nieuwe Democratic Revolutie heeft de Volksrepubliek China gevestigd.

Sindsdien hebben de Chinezen de kracht van het land onder de knie en worden de eigenaar van het land.

  Na de oprichting van de Volksrepubliek China realiseerde de maatschappij van mijn land geleidelijk de overgang van nieuw democratisch tot socialisme. De socialistische transformatie van productiematerialen is voltooid en het systeem van menselijke exploitatie is ge?limineerd en het socialistische systeem heeft gevestigd. De klasleiders van het volk, de democratische dictatuur van de mensen op basis van de arbeiders en boeren, in wezen het proletariaat-dictatuur, geconsolideerd en ontwikkeld.

De Chinese mensen en het Liberation Army van de Chinese mensen verdedigen imperialisme, hegemonische agressie, vernietiging en gewapende provocatie en handhaven nationale onafhankelijkheid en veiligheid en verbeteren de nationale verdediging.

De economische constructie heeft aanzienlijke prestaties bereikt, onafhankelijk en complete socialistische industri?le systemen zijn in principe gevormd en de landbouwproductie is aanzienlijk verbeterd. Onderwijs, wetenschap, cultuur en andere ondernemingen hebben een grote ontwikkeling en socialistische ideologische onderwijs heeft aanzienlijke resultaten behaald.

Het leven van de mensen hebben een grote verbetering. De resultaten van de overwinning van de nieuwe democratische revolutie van China en de socialistische oorzaak zijn de Chinese communistische partij die de mensen van alle nationaliteiten in China leidt. Onder leiding van het marxisme-leninisme dacht Mao Zedong, zich aan de waarheid, en corrigeer de fout, en versla veel moeilijkheden.

Mijn land heeft een lange tijd in de primaire fase van het socialisme.

De fundamentele taak van het land is om zich te concentreren op socialistische modernisering langs de weg van het socialisme met Chinese kenmerken.

De mensen van alle nationaliteiten in China zullen blijven leiden tot het leiderschap van de Communistische Partij van China, en onder leiding van de democratische dictatuur van het volk, de "drie vertegenwoordigers", wetenschappelijk ontwikkelingsconcept, het nieuwe tijdperk van Xi Jinping, en Xi Jinping’s nieuwe ERA. Houd aan de Socialistische weg, hechten aan de hervorming en het openen, blijf het socialistische systeem verbeteren, het ontwikkelen van de socialistische markteconomie, het ontwikkelen van socialistische democratie, verbetering van de socialistische rechtsstaat, een nieuw ontwikkelingsconcept, zelfredzaamheid, hard werken, en geleidelijk aan industri?le, landbouw, de modernisering van defensie en wetenschap en technologie, bevordering van materi?le beschaving, politieke beschaving, spirituele beschaving, sociale beschaving, ecologische geco?rdineerde ontwikkeling en het opbouwen van de constructie van mijn land in een sterke socialistische modernisering van een sterke democratische beschaving, het bereiken van de grote verjonging van de Chinese natie.

  In mijn land is de exploitatieklasse ge?limineerd als een klasse, maar de klassenstrijd zal ook binnen een bepaald bereik bestaan. De Chinezen moeten worstelen tegen vijandigheid en vijandige moleculen in binnen- en buitenland van vijandigheid en het socialistische systeem van mijn land vernietigen. Taiwan maakt deel uit van het heilige grondgebied van de Volksrepubliek China. De grootste industrie die het verenigde moederland heeft voltooid, is de heilige verantwoordelijkheid van het hele Chinese mensen, waaronder Taiwan-landgenoten.

  Socialistische constructie moet vertrouwen op werknemers, boeren en intellectuelen, en verenigen alle macht kan verenigd zijn.

Tijdens de langetermijnrevolutie, bouw, hervorming, is het gevormd door de Chinese communistische partij, en de democratische partijen en de groepen van verschillende mensen, waaronder de constructie van alle socialistische werknemers, socialistische oorzaak, ondersteunend socialisme patriottisme de uitgebreide patriottische verenigde voorkant van Het moederland is verenigd en toegewijd aan de grote opwekking van de Chinese natie, die zal blijven consolideren en ontwikkelen.

De politieke raadgevende conferentie van Chinese People is een op grote schaal vertegenwoordigde organisatie. In het verleden heeft het een belangrijke historische rol gespeeld. In de toekomst, in het nationale politieke leven, sociale leven en buitenlandse vriendschapsactiviteiten, bij het uitvoeren van socialistische modernisering, waarborgen Nationale eenheid en solidariteit in de strijd, het zal verder een belangrijke rol spelen. De samenwerking tussen meerdere partijen en het politieke raadplegingssysteem onder leiding van de Communistische Partij van China zullen langdurig bestaan ??en ontwikkeling hebben.

  De Volksrepubliek China is een verenigd multi-etnisch land dat gezamenlijk wordt gecre?erd door alle etnische groepen van alle etnische groepen.

Socialistische nationale relaties met gelijke eenheid en wederzijdse hulp zijn vastgesteld en zullen worden versterkt. In de strijd om de nationale eenheid te handhaven, is het belangrijk om zich te verzetten tegen groot nationalisme, voornamelijk het Chinese volk, maar ook tegen lokaal nationalisme. De staat doet er alles aan om de gemeenschappelijke welvaart van alle naties van het land te bevorderen. De prestaties van de Chinese revolutie, constructie en hervorming staan ??niet open voor de steun van de mensen van de wereld.

De toekomst van China is nauw verbonden met de toekomst van de wereld.

China hecht aan een onafhankelijk buitenlands beleid, hecht aan elkaar om elkaars vijf principes, wederzijdse inbreuk, wederzijdse interferentie, gelijke wederzijds voordeel, vreedzame co?xistentie te respecteren, zich vast te houden aan het vredige ontwikkelingspad, hechten aan wederzijds voordeel en win-win, open strategie, Ontwikkel de diplomatieke betrekkingen en economie, culturele uitwisselingen, bevorderen de constructie van de menselijke lotgemeenschap; hecht aan imperialisme, hegemonie, kolonialisme, versterken de eenheid van de bevolking van alle landen, ondersteunt de onderdrukte natie en ontwikkelingslanden om nationale onafhankelijkheid te streven en de nationale onafhankelijkheid te streven , ontwikkel de nationale economie die gewoon worstelen voor het veiligstellen van de wereldvrede en het bevorderen van menselijke progressieve ondernemingen. De grondwet bevestigt de resultaten van de strijd van Chinese mensen in de wet van de wet, die het fundamentele systeem en de fundamentele taken van het land bepaalt, en is de fundamentele wetgeving van het land, met het hoogste juridische effect. De mensen van alle nationaliteiten, alle organen en strijdkrachten, politieke partijen en verschillende sociale groepen en verschillende ondernemingen, moeten alle ondernemingen een constitutionele richtlijnen hebben en hebben de waardigheid van de constitutionele implementatie.

Ancient Fai’s "new" wine de Mountain has wine floating

Changde City Wine Association President, General Lake Group Executive President, Guo Zhiqiang, Chairman of Deshan Wine Industry.

Cheng Pengwei’s photo "Chang Dedde Mountain has morality, Changsha sand water is seamless." Listening to Changde, Changde, who is wide, is placed in the Dushan winery, moss, green trees, and ramping.As the largest liquor production base in Changde, the De Mountain Winery is built in 1952, inheriting the ancient Chinese style brewing process, the antique cherry pool, and you can feel the historical and cultural connotation of Due Mountain."Changde is a cultural place, the De Mountain Wine is based on the German Mountain, telling the story of good cultural and moral cultural culture." President of the Water Concerta, Changde City Sino-Water Industry Association, De Mountain WineGuo Zhiqiang, chairman of the industry.

"If you are good if you are in water, you will not fight." "Just as the realm of good moral culture, the De Mountain Wine has launched a long-standing moral culture, exudes a unique wine culture. Take a wine, with wine. The ancient De Mountain culture is given new connotation, and the Due Mountain will also glow new vitality. As the "Xiang Xiang’s first thick wine", Due Mountain alcohol is only a rush, but it has grown up, but it is always on earth, and she has kept the ancient method and keeps humility.

Thick historical mountain culture infiltrating nourishes "Speaking of Deshan wine, you have to mention the culture of Germany, and you will not be able to make good volume.

"Speaking of De Mountain, Guo Zhiqiang is like opening the words.

The so-called mountain is Germany, it is Changde Dend Mountain, and the ancient times is hidden in this, advocating human morality, magistrate, and cultivating.

Time flies, change the star shift. The good roll has been driving to the crane, and the truth of good volume has been introduced into the Chinese mainstream culture and has become an important part of Chinese culture. The Deshan Wine is located in a long-term reputation, and the heavy good culture is the gene and basic kernel of Destan Culture.

Guo Zhiqiang said that Liu Yuxi wrote "the mountain" of the mountain is not high, there is a famous name. Water is not deep, there is Longzhi.

"At this time, the location is in Due Mountain and Lijiang.

As the earliest ancient city site, the old ancient city site found by China, and there were many wine bottles and a large number of citaries unearthed, which proved that Changde has already mastered mature brewing technology as early as 6,000 years ago.

Since the Tang Dynasty, Changde in the Bin of Dongting, the wine industry has been very prosperous, and Hanshou Maojiatan has more than ten kinds of brewing, and more than ten wine. From the Qing Dynasty to the Republic of China, Ma Wanlong’s Wizard has introduced Mao Jiaba’s ancient way to wine and wine. After five generations, the technology is mature, and the eve of the founding of New China has become a leader in Changde City. In 1952, the national Changde winery established by the 72 private wine workshop officially listed. As a predecessor of the Demhan Wine, it was the first white winery in Hunan Province after the founding of New China.

7 years later, the "Deshan Grand Qu" wine with the typical style of Xiangpai, in Changde Winery, has been awarded, and has been awarded, laid the status of "Xiaoxiang’s first thick wine", becoming unknown Hunan Wine, marketing, Jiangnan North. Inheriting the Millennium Age Skills Careful Brewing, Keeping ancient Wine Silk, has always been characteristic of De Mountain.

Wu Xinqun, the famous national winemaker, said that "the Dushan Wine Industry is a collection of Changde Ancient Fair Silk Silk Skills, which inherits the 100-year ancient brewing skills including water, selection, production, fermentation, storage and other links, etc. Handmade skills, and taking the euro between the masters, the key 诀窍 is no secret. "Wu Xinqun was the head of the German Dagu winery factory. After retired, the identity of technical consultants was still the development of D’. Play waste heat. "The ancient law’s wine skill seems to be backward, in fact, the process is quite demanding." Wu Xinqun said, in an ancient law in the formula process, the above, the wheat is a raw material, using artificial stepping, palletizing fermentation, hand control, Color, natural vaccination, can be put into production over 6 months, with a unique aroma of wheat.

"Millennium, Wan Ye." Wu Xinqun said that the ultimate Yourchi in the Due Mountain Wine Industry is also in 50 years old. It is one of the oldest Laojiao pilings in Hunan to date.

De Mountain is also unique "old worn" craftsmanship, to obtain the best microbial fermentation environment, ensuring high-quality ramping alcohol.

In addition, Deshan winemaker adheres to the requirements of traditional wines, and the scalgage wine is accurate into 12 grades. It is stored in the deep underground ten meters in the old wine in the old wine, and it has caused long-lasting. The wine is more alcoholic. In 2012, the ancient law of Dushan Wine was listed in the Intangible Cultural Protection List of Changde City.

It is ancient inheritance of the ancient wine craftsmanship, so that the wine in Due Mountain is farther. What is unfortunately in the cultivation of Xiangyi’s revitalization, and the performance of Xiangco in the Chinese liquor market is not ideal for a long period of time.

Guo Zhiqiang lamented.

"In response to the development trend of liquor industry, Guo Zhiqiang believes that future liquor industry brand concentration and product concentration will be higher, consumers preferred big brands.

"The first-line brand will take advantage of the brand story, the market share will be more and more high, and the second and third line brands will be more and more squeezed. At present, many wine companies cut a brand, integrated resources, but also to concentrate on brand building How is Xiang wine to revitalize? Guo Zhiqiang thought a lot.

Then, enhance the consumer recognition in the region.

Analyze consumer psychology, study consumption habits, pay attention to consumer experience, who seizes consumers, who can grow long-term development.

In addition, enhance the integrated marketing ability, the liquor industry should pay attention to Internet marketing, brand publicity should be sold, and regional wine companies should sell flat. "The Deshan Wine Industry is also so practical." We worked hard in these three things, especially in developing high-end products, the main grasp the public consumer market, launched the secret Hidden Mountain small wine, drip hole Small wine and other small bottles, mixed honey, consumers can also scize, and continuously cultivate the core consumer groups.

"Guo Zhiqiang mentioned that in response to the young consumer group, the Deshan Wine Industry also launched the osmanthus wine and other products, the beautiful packaging, with the beautiful wine of the flowers, is loved by many female consumers. In the past five years, Due Mountain Wine Industry Sales revenue and tax remaining have grown close to 20% -30%. It can be described as steady growth, small and achievements, but Guo Zhiqiang is not proud. "We are not good and far away, we will keep your strength, keeping more than about 30% a year, this is Our goal. (Editor: Luo Shuai, Tang Li Wei).

China Communist Party Map · 2008

  At the beginning of the year, some parts of China have encountered serious low-temperature rain freezing disasters.

Under the leadership of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the State Council, the Central Military Commission, the whole party’s all-in-party people united to struggle and achieved victory of disaster struggle. February 25th to 27th, the Second Plenary Session of the 17th CPC Central Committee was held, and the "Opinions on Deepening the Reform of Administrative System" and the State Council Institutional Reform Plan.

  On February 29, Beijing Capital International Airport is officially put into operation. The overall building area of ??the terminal is nearly 1 million square meters. On March 3rd – 14th, a meeting of the 11th National CPPCC was held, and Jia Qinglin was the chairman of the National Committee of China. March 5th – 18th National People’s Congress, one meeting, ratified the State Council’s institutional reform plan, explored most of the institutions that implement functional organic unity, adjusting 15 migration agencies, and reduced 4 of the positive level institutions. After the reform, in addition to the Office of the State Council, 27 departments of the State Council were set up.

The meeting election Hu Jintao is the President of the State, the Chairman of the National Central Military Committee, and Wu Bangguo as Chairman of the National People’s Congress, Xi Jinping as the National Vice Chair, and decided that Wen Jiabao was the Premier of the State Council.

  In mid-March in Lhasa and other places vandalism burning serious crime.

After the incident, the party and the Government has taken decisive proper disposal, control developments, restore normal social order. April 18 Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway (Beijing South Railway Station to Shanghai Hongqiao Station) started across the board, a total length of 1318 km. 4 May 12th Wenchuan Richter 8 earthquake caused 69,227 people were killed and 17,923 missing, affected people 1510 people. Under the CPC Central Committee, State Council and the leadership of the Central Military Commission, my country’s quickly organized the rescue in the history of the fastest, most widely mobilized and committed more resources in disaster relief activities, to win a major victory in earthquake relief struggle. June 8th CPC Central Committee, the State Council issued the "Opinions on Promoting the reform of collective forest right system," and proposed to use about five years time, the basic completion of clear property rights, reform of collective forest right system tenure, the implementation of the household contract collective forest land system; provision of contract for forestland for 70 years, the expiry of the contract period may continue the contract in accordance with relevant state regulations. August 8 –24, September 6 – 17, Beijing successfully hosted the twenty-ninth Olympic Games, the thirteenth Paralympics.

Chinese government adhere to the Green Olympics, High-tech Olympics and People’s Olympics concept, nationwide system to play a role, rely on the masses, adhere to carry out international exchanges and cooperation, to provide a strong guarantee for the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games a success.

A total of 204 countries and regions delegation of more than 10,000 athletes participating in the Olympic Games. Chinese sports delegation in the Olympic Games 51 gold medals, 21 silver medals and 28 bronze medals, ranking first in the gold medal standings; won 89 gold medals in the Paralympic Games, 70 silver and 52 bronze medals, ranking the gold medal standings and medals first. September 15th CPC Central Committee issued "on the in-depth study and practice the scientific concept of development activities in the Party" and decided to start from September 2008, with a period of about half a year, in-depth study of scientific outlook on development in the party Activity. September 16 my country’s first over a million billion times supercomputer Shuguang 5000A off the assembly line in Tianjin. September 25 – 28, the Shenzhou VII manned space mission was a complete success. Our first implementation of space astronaut extravehicular activities. October 9 – Third Plenary Session of the 12th Communist Party Congress convened, through the "CPC Central Committee on rural reform, development of a number of major issues" to make comprehensive arrangements to further promote rural reform and development. October 27 –30 National Bureau of Statistics released 30 years of reform and opening up economic and social development achievements report series.

my country’s GDP in 1978 to 364.5 billion yuan has been quickly jumped to 24.953 trillion yuan in 2007, ranking in the world’s major countries rose from tenth place in 1978 to fourth place, behind the United States, Japan and Germany. GNI per capita rose from 190 dollars in 1978 to 2007 to $ 2360.

In accordance with the criteria for the classification of the World Bank, my country has jumped from low-income countries to the ranks of the world’s middle-income countries.

Foreign exchange reserves increased from $ 167 million in 1978 to 1.5282 trillion US dollars in 2007, ranking first in the world. The total import and export trade from 20.6 billion dollars in 1978 soared to 2.1737 trillion US dollars in 2007, an increase of 104 times, ranking in world trade rose from 32nd position with the reform and opening to the first time since 2004 three. November 5 held a State Council executive meeting.

For triggered by the US subprime mortgage crisis in the international financial crisis, it was decided to implement a proactive fiscal policy and moderately loose monetary policy, identified ten measures to further expand domestic demand and promote stable and rapid economic growth, by the end of 2010 about 4 trillion investment yuan.

  November 15th Hu Jintao attended the G20 summit in financial markets and world economy held in Washington, DC, issued a "work together to ride out the hard times," the speech.

  December 8 –10 central economic work conference held for the rapid spread of the international financial crisis impact on my country’s economy, stressed the need to maintain stable and rapid economic development as the primary task of economic work in 2009. December 15 held simultaneously cross-strait direct shipping, direct air and direct mail launch and celebrations in Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Taipei, Kaohsiung, Keelung and other cities, respectively.

Cross-strait "three links" taking a historic step.

  December 18 to commemorate the third plenary session of the 30th anniversary of the convening of Congress. Hu Jintao delivered a speech, a comprehensive review and summary of reform and opening up 30 years of great history and glorious achievements, spoke highly of the significance and historical achievements of the Third Plenum of the Party, systematically expounded the reform and opening up "Ten Combinations" valuable experience, clear that the way forward continue to promote the great cause of reform and opening.

  In late December, the State Council approved the introduction of refined oil tax reform program, the abolition of road maintenance and other charges, to improve the refined oil consumption tax unit tax, the establishment of a new mechanism for the fuel tax.

  December 24th Hu Jintao put forward the "loyal to the party, love the people, serve the country, dedicated to the mission, advocating honor," the contemporary revolution in military core values in the enlarged CMC meeting.

  December 26 People’s Liberation Army Navy ships the Gulf of Aden waters off Somalia escort mission. December 31 Hu Jintao delivered a speech at the commemoration of the 30th anniversary of the "Message to Compatriots in Taiwan" published symposium stressed the need to firmly grasp the theme of peaceful development of cross-strait relations, and actively promote the peaceful development of cross-strait relations and realize the unity of the whole nation, harmony, prosperity . (Source: "Events People’s Republic of China (1949-2009)" Party History Research Center People’s Publishing House) People’s Daily 4th edition.

De 100-jarig jubileum van de oprichting van de Communistische Partij van China kwam naar

  (Afbeelding van de offici?le website van de centrale bank) wanneer de munt wordt gekanteld, kan de Stealth-grafische "100" onder de achterkant worden waargenomen. Op de bloembladen op de achterkant van de munt wordt de micro-krimptekst "J" "D" "B" "N" waargenomen. Functies Four: Ordinary Memorial Coin Moet nog steeds een afspraak maken om u te registreren om gewone herdenkingsmunten uit te wisselen – Two-Color Copper Alloy Cerve-munten maken een afspraak-inkoopmethode.

  De verslaggever leerde van de Bank van China, China Agricultural Bank, Bank of China, China Bouwbank, Bank of Communications, Huaxia Bank, Pudong Development Bank, China Postal Spaarbank zal gezamenlijk de 100e verjaardag van de 100th Color Copper-alloy-herdenkings- munt in de oprichting van de Chinese Communistische Partij-aflossing.

  De benoeming van banken zal tegelijkertijd twee partijen reserveringsactiviteiten doorlopen vanaf 31 augustus tot 4 september. Het publiek kan een afspraakregistratie maken via een afspraak van de offici?le website van de bank of andere online kanalen of aan de uitlaat.

  Elke lading is gereserveerd voor elke batch en de verlossingslimiet is 20. De eerste batch van afspraakuitwisseling wordt afgehandeld op 15 september tot en met 21e, en de tweede batch reservering wordt aangesteld uit 1 november tot 7e.

(Reporter Wu Yu).

4 cars in Haimen let the alert ambulance, Nantong Net

On the 10th, in the streets of the slightly chilly sea, there was a uncomfortable scene: 4 owners did not pee with the ambulance, warm the city.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon, a fire lamp, the fire light, the ambulance of the alarm, the Jiefang Road, the east of the east, and the long-distance West, I met the red light, and there were several vehicles waiting for the traffic to block the road. . At this time, in front of the ambulance, the Su Fa831k, Su F5z902, Su F5Z902, Su FC2X34 three vehicles were taken in a more standard "45 degrees to make the line", and the Su Ff7k98 also took the initiative.

A few cars made a channel for the ambulance for ambulance. Subsequently, the ambulance passed smooth and quickly passed the intersection.

The ambulance that is performing the task is carrying life, and the channel that 4 drivers makes it a passage of life. After receiving the information sent by the ambulance driver, the Haimen Traffic Police Brigade received the intersection of the intersection, and said to the four drivers who took the initiative to take the ambulance "Thank you", and call on the general public to encounter urgent experience. When the ambulance, fire truck, police car, and engineering rescue truck, it is necessary to take the way, which is active, which is not only an embodiment of personal literacy, but also a high degree of urban civilization.

Chen Feng reporter Chen Yadong Chen Jing.

Changsha 4 workers’ cultural palace synchronized start upgrade

Report (Reporter Wang Xinfang Dawei) Recently, I learned that Changsha City, Hunan Province, the Workman Cultural Palace should be rebuilt, and the 50-year-old staff Zhou Kaijun was excited for a long time.

I mentioned the lively scene of the city worker culture, he has remembered. It is reported that the Changsha Municipal Federation of Trade Unions proposed to upgrade the city’s four workers’ cultural panels, and won the Changsha Municipal Committee and the Hunan Provincial Federation of Trade Unions. Recently, the construction of four workers’ cultural uterus projects in the city started construction, and these former cultural landmarks will meet employees in a new look.

"Changsha Workers ‘Culture Palace has become a beautiful memory of several generations of Changsha City." The secretary of the party group of Hunan Province, Xu Wenlong, a vice chairman, said in the Changsha Workers’ Cultural Palace.

In recent years, the urban has rapidly developed, and the casual way of staff is gradually diversified.

Changsha City, this time, the transformation and upgrading of the four workers’ cultural palace will aim at various needs of employees, realize equalization layout, misplaced development, complement function, quality service.

Among them, the construction of the city workers’ cultural palace was newly established, which will focus on employee cultural activities; after the upgrading of the second worker cultural palace, it will focus on employee skills training; the third worker cultural palace of the demolished city will be with the city’s fourth The Workers ‘Cultural Palace welcomes new construction in different places, and the third worker cultural palace focuses on large-scale income activities of employees, and the fourth workers’ cultural palace focuses on employee sports. As one of Changsha City "Ten Mass Missing Missing Projects", the construction of 4 workers’ cultural uterus projects in Changsha City is large, high, excellent design, and functionality.

It is reported that the project has been funded by Changsha City, with a total investment scale of 1.2 billion yuan, and the construction scale exceeds 160,000 square meters.

After the completion, it will cover the functional education center, staff sports center, staff cultural center, and employee service centers, and become a functional diverse, convenient public cultural service facilities.